The leather coat suddenly burst into the fashion world. He took a leading position in the list of the most desired things for many fashionistas in the British Isles. A Roman leather raincoat will best protect you from rain, wind and cold. In addition, this version of the top demi-season clothing looks insanely impressive.

In general, this season, you can safely experiment with bright colors. At the same time, combine them with discreet shades. In the version with a leather coat, you can safely choose yellow, blue, red, orange and pink. This not only does not spoil the impression, but also strengthens it many times over. For lovers of restraint in images, beige and brown models of Roman leather raincoats are offered. A bright leather coat in an elongated version will become a hit.

The trendy plaid print does not lose its positions at all. His options this season are more than enough. This and “houndstooth”, buffalo cage, Vichy, Prince of Wales, windowpane, tartan and so on and so forth.

The color interpretations of the checkered print used in the latest fashion raincoats will also vary. You can choose a model with a bright and accented checkered pattern, or, on the contrary, a calm and restrained model.

A double-breasted Roman raincoat is in most cases the same classic trench coat. He was loved by many girls for his versatility and the ability to wear in any manner. Here, the buttons should be contrasting. This gives a special, recognizable look.

In addition to the classic trench coat, leather coats in bright colors can be double-breasted, as well as unusual havelocks in calm and neutral colors.

The fashion trend of this season is large and voluminous raincoats that allow you to create very sophisticated and intriguing looks. So, an oversized Roman raincoat model can be worn both wide open and with a belt that will emphasize the slimness of the female figure.

Oversized voluminous raincoats, both in classic texture and made of leather, will be magnificent, elongated and with various kinds of ties or straps that will make the image more harmonious, sophisticated and refined.

Another unusual style of the raincoat in the new season will be a model that, unlike the voluminous oversize format, is offered with volume on the sleeves and shoulders.

Puffy and voluminous sleeves are insanely popular. Therefore, be sure to replenish your wardrobe with an unusual raincoat of this style, which will refresh the bow.

The actual reception in the fashionable Roman clothes of the 2022 season is the presence of various cuts and cutouts, which the designers decided to use in the new raincoats. This trench coat format, in some way, resembles a dress. It looks great with trousers.

Mega long raincoats will be a hit in the new season. They are presented in various models – from leather and vinyl options, to light capes, raincoats and dusters.

Depending on the purpose, a long coat can be chosen as an elegant addition to an evening look. It goes well with flared trousers and trouser overalls.

Designers offer a lot of cool ideas that every fashionista will surely want to try on and buy. One of these solutions will be a stylish set consisting of an elongated plaid raincoat and trousers in the same texture. A solid beige turtleneck is the perfect finishing touch to your stylish look.

Conciseness, showiness, restraint and impeccability – all this characterizes a fashionable Roman trench coat in white. Not to be missed this season. The white coat looks amazing. It can be combined with a dress or jeans, creating an unobtrusive accent in the image. A magnificent model of a white cloak is proposed in an oversized style, which gives lightness and unobtrusiveness to a feminine look.