When looking for new clothes for the demi-season, it is critical to find not only fashionable and trendy items, but also practical and versatile outerwear options. They can be easily transformed into the desired style and image. In this article, we will consider the leading trends in fashionable trench coats and raincoats. There are many styles and models. How and with what it is best to wear them to create a memorable image? Roman will help us figure out!

The off-season is a parade of novelties for any event. The trench coat is the most popular. It is a classic model. Basically, medium length, beige color with a belt. It is this version of the Roman raincoat that should be present in the wardrobe of every woman.

In addition to the classic trench coat, the designers presented stylish novelties in a leather version, made of matte and patent leather, in bright and soothing colors. The cut of the fashionable raincoat 2022 will also differ – an oversized model. The emphasis is on the sleeves. All this is complemented by cutouts and voluminous shoulders, contrasting inserts. This makes the new models of women’s raincoats and trench coats original and not boring.


The trendy shades of the Roman trench coat for the 2022 season will be:

  • All shades of beige;
  • Nude tones;
  • Brown;
  • Lactic;
  • Sand;
  • Powdery;
  • Pink;
  • Yellow;
  • Caramel;
  • Mustard;
  •  Olive;
  • Khaki;
  • Green.

The ideal image of a business bow in the office will be a fashionable trench coat that will suit the image with a trouser suit, trousers and a shirt, a sheath dress and a pencil skirt. You can complement this laconic style with pumps or ankle boots.

The new trench coats of the 2022 season will be excellent in street style, sport chic, casual looks. For such areas, you can choose jeans and trousers in an informal cut, shorts and leather skirts, complementing them with sneakers and boots with massive soles.

The peculiarity of the raincoat is its versatility and the ability to create images with it for every taste. It is believed that the Roman trench coat is a clear sign of British style. Residents of Foggy Albion actively use this type of outerwear in urban style.

Perhaps this is due to the ability of the trench coat to repel moisture and protect from wind, as fogs and rains are typical for this region. And in general, you can’t do without a good and stylish raincoat during the off-season.

What Is The Best Way To Wear Trench Coats And Raincoats?

Gorgeous image – Roman trench coat wide open. This will showcase the style in its entirety. But you can also fasten all the buttons or use a belt, while creating a slight mystery and unobtrusively emphasizing the waistline.

Current styles of trench coats are often made in a double-breasted version with two rows of contrasting buttons, a turn-down collar and a belt. There are also trench coats with a yoke. This pattern is called the havelock.

The trench coat model for the basic wardrobe will most likely be made in beige. It is the most concise and restrained in style. However, it looks great. A beige trench coat can be worn everywhere – from the office to an important event. It can be combined with a mini skirt and a light knit sweater, complemented by trendy square-toe ankle boots.

In general, women’s fashion regarding outerwear is very diverse. This applies to raincoats and trench coats by Roman. In the next part, we will continue to consider the trend of 2022.