Let’s discuss the main trends in women’s fashion for autumn-winter 2022-2023. The moment has come when the trends for both men and women are almost the same. Things are almost unisex. What was inherent only to men, has become an everyday bow for women. Of course, everything is stylized according to the features of the figure. However, the trend to reach into the men’s wardrobe and pull out some kind of jacket is the trend of this season. It has become especially popular to wear them with dresses of various lengths. By the way, they can be found on the Ego website. Follow the link! And we begin our review. Let’s go!

Emphasis On The Shoulders

The hottest trend of the upcoming season will be jackets and outerwear with bulky shoulders. This style will automatically give the image of harmony. Especially if it is a business women’s style, or casual. Looks especially good with jeans and sneakers. Follow the link to the Ego website and order the things you need!

Corduroy And Velvet

Velvet and corduroy are back in fashion. An ideal material for tailoring formal dresses for women. The collections of various brands feature incredibly luxurious jackets and suits made from this material. They look very good at a variety of parties and events. By the way, if you are planning to celebrate the New Year somewhere in a restaurant or in a luxurious country house, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to images made of velvet. These jackets can be purchased at the Ego online store. Follow the pinned link!

Mix of Prints

The novelty of the season will be the original combination of several completely different prints in one look. Some brands offer to combine the same type of prints, for example, a check of different colors and sizes, or a floral print. Such clothes can be ordered on the Ego website.

Low Waist

Low-waisted trousers and jeans are back in fashion. Not the best style for the cold season, but the vagaries of fashion must be accepted. Although high-waisted pants also remain relevant. This kind of jeans and trousers can be bought at Ego.

Oversized Down Jacket

If you are looking for new items among outerwear, then you should immediately pay attention to the line of down jackets. They are more like blankets, but they will reliably protect from the cold. They can also be purchased from the Ego online store.

Wrap Coat

Another trendy outerwear model is a wrap coat. Will be a great addition to business and solemn images.

Straight Fit Jacket

If you are planning to update your jacket in the fall-winter 2022-2023 season, then you should know that the straight-cut jacket will be the most fashionable. This style will give the image of brutality and hide all the errors in the waist. By the way, this kind of clothes can be bought in the Ego online store.


In the new collections, it was hard not to pay attention to the great love of trendsetters for the safari style. A distinctive feature are the patch pockets with flaps.

Accent Waist

Gradually, designers want to push the oversized style into the background. Therefore, fitted jackets, coats, raincoats often began to appear in collections. Together with trendy voluminous shoulders, you can model any figure quite favorably.

Total Black

If you don’t want to bother with a mix of prints, a combination of colors, then just dress in all black and you will already be in trend!

Well, if you want to update your wardrobe for the autumn-winter 2022-2023 season, then follow the link to the Ego website!