A tracksuit is that rare case when the fabric is much more important than the style. From some point of view, it doesn’t matter if you wear straight, tapered or flared trousers, as long as they do not restrict movement. But the best options can be found in the Espace online store. Find your ideal match for the following features:

  1. Minimum tinsel. Conciseness is the best friend of sports. No laces, ties, rivets, decorative buttons or Velcro. They will look beautiful for the first five minutes, until you come to the simulator. Further – one inconvenience. They will cling to everything, fall down the collar at the most inconvenient moment and fly off after the first five washes. For a walking tracksuit – the most, but not for active activities. Both the first and second sportswear options can be ordered in the Espace online store.
  1. Lightness and practicality. Hoodies, sweatshirts and sweatshirts are a good option for a spot on the street. Where there is a chilly wind and drizzling rain. In a heated and ventilated room, the best option is a regular short-sleeved T-shirt and pants. All types of sportswear can be ordered from the Espace online store.
  1. Fabric. It should breathe well and wash easily. Cotton is optimal with the addition of synthetic threads – polyester and elastin. They are “responsible” for maintaining the original shape of the costume. Tracksuits for sports and walking can be purchased at the Espace online store.
  1. Color. Do not take white suits. They are easily soiled, stains will be difficult to remove, plus sweat is very visible on them. Take the best gray, blue or black option. They can be ordered from Espace.
  1. Tailoring quality. Neat seams, threads do not stick out, nothing puffs up – these are the signs of a good suit. Do not think that some inconvenience can be “tolerated” – over time, they will begin to irritate the skin. And not too well-made seams will simply disperse due to frequent washing. Moreover, low-quality fabric causes allergic reactions.
  1. Pants according to the figure. Not too long, not too wide, true to size. If the trousers are too small, they will rub, if they are too “loose” at the bottom, you can catch on the simulator.
  1. Comfort. Nothing should cut or pinch – neither the stomach, nor the legs below. Before buying, make a few swings with your hands, sit down a couple of times. Comfortable? Nothing falls off, does not ride up and does not crash? You can take.

If we talk about manufacturers, then a good tracksuit is not a synonym for a particular company. You need to pay attention to the brand that suits you in terms of style and comfort. You can’t spare money for good things. They will last much longer than their inexpensive counterparts. All kinds of tracksuits can be bought in the Espace online store.

It would seem that there is only one classic look – sweatpants and a sweatshirt with a zip. But no. On the shelves of stores you can find dozens of options. What types of men’s sportswear are there?

  1. Winter. Includes: sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt and jacket. Sometimes – a down jacket that matches the color.
  1. Summer. The set includes: shorts, T-shirt or its variations (T-shirt or polo). Additionally, you can buy trowel jackets, sweatshirts or matching sweatshirts.

By the way, you can mix the sets according to your own taste. For example, purchase sports breeches and complete different T-shirts, T-shirts and sweaters with them in the cold season. What is the peculiarity of the winter look of the suit? Mostly in fabric. Winter “sets” are sewn for bad weather. So, they can be covered with a moisture-proof layer or have a heater.

Should I take both sets, or can I get by with one? Depends on lifestyle. If you just go to the gym, then the winter suit will gather dust in the far corner of the wardrobe. And if you are engaged in active sports in the fresh air (or run in the morning in the park) – it is better not to save on insulation and protection from the rain. All kinds of tracksuits can be ordered from Espace.

Tips From Stylists: How To Choose The Right Men’s Tracksuit

If you prefer an active, sporty style, but do not go in for sports, buy not a suit, but separate elements. A high-quality sweatshirt, sweatshirt or sports jacket looks great with jeans, and sweatpants can be worn in the country.

If you play sports – buy suits. And not just one, but several. If your interests are dancing or cycling – pay attention to specialized clothing.

As for the figure, stylists advise:

  1. Take the suit size to size. Leave purchases “for growth” to the younger generation. No need to buy things a size smaller in the hope of losing weight quickly – before this very weight loss, you will erase your stomach and ankles.
  1. Overweight men are contraindicated in narrow trousers. Visually, they fill even more.
  1. For men with a very thin figure, it is better to pay attention to “harem pants” with an elastic band at the bottom. These pants look great, visually “full” the figure a little and pull it up.
  1. Do not buy suits and T-shirts with bright large prints. It is better to opt for monophonic models of classic shades (blue, gray, black). In extreme cases, they can easily be combined with chinos or jeans. Any kind of sportswear and footwear can be ordered in the Espace online store.

There is, in fact, only one principle – convenience. If you feel good in a certain model, then feel free to buy. And you can order a tracksuit in the Espace online store.