The country, which will be discussed, is deservedly one of the most colorful parts of the United Kingdom. Which is not surprising, because it is rich in panoramic views, unique historical and architectural monuments. In order to have time to cover the main attractions of the autonomous part of Great Britain, you need to get to know them in advance. In this article, together with the DFDS website, we will talk about the unique places of this wonderful country. Go!

1. Edinburgh Castle

The fortress is located in the city of the same name. Namely, in its central part on top of the Castle Hill. This attraction of Scotland is one of the main ones. The proof of this is the number of visitors per year. The interior of the building is divided into three parts. They are connected by gates. The main value of the described fortress is represented by a source of drinking water. It is protected by the Well Tower in the Middle Yard. Nearby is a museum dedicated to the museum theme. Great photos can be taken against the backdrop of the Mons Meg cannon, standing in the Upper Courtyard. By the way, you can book a trip to Scotland on the DFDS website.

2. Royal Mile in Edinburgh

This landmark of Scotland consists of several streets passing in the very center of the city. Their total length is approximately one Scottish mile. And the streets are connected by the famous Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. He served as the residence of the Scottish and British monarchs in different periods of time. In the middle, the Royal Mile intersects with bridges. Once upon a time, merchants, artisans gathered in this part of the city, taverns worked around the clock, and even brothels. The Inquisition also met there, important decisions were made regarding financial matters. Follow the link to the DFDS website and book a trip to Scotland!

3. Palace Of Holyroodhouse

During your trip to the UK, don’t miss the opportunity to see the royal residence with your own eyes. The building is decorated in the Baroque style, and it is located on the famous Royal Mile. How are apartments used today? With a certain frequency, receptions of national importance are held there, in which the queen herself and members of her family take part. There are also interesting exhibitions on the territory of the palace. They offer an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Scotland. And to see all the sights of Edinburgh and Glasgow, book a trip on the DFDS website!

4. Loch Ness

As a continuation of the topic of what to see in Scotland, I would like to pay attention to one of the largest reservoirs in the UK. It ranks second in terms of area and first in terms of water volume. It is of glacial origin. Several villages are located on the banks, as well as Urquhart Castle, a unique one of its kind. Not without artificial islands, known as crannogi. This attraction of Scotland became popular due to the existence of the legend of the monster Nessie. They say it lives in the area described. To visit one of the most beautiful places in the UK, book your trips on the DFDS website!

Of course, we did not mention the incredibly tasty stout. It is brewed both in England and in Scotland. If you love British beer, then this is an incredible treat for your taste buds. The pubs themselves in Foggy Albion are unique, atmospheric and original places. If you want to travel all over Scotland and enjoy all its beauty and incredible flavor, go to the DFDS website. There you can book a trip to this wonderful country!