Modern women have a lot of men’s clothing (trousers, suits, jeans and shorts) in their wardrobes. But, despite this, nothing transforms her like a dress. Fashion changes at the speed of light, but it never goes out of fashionista’s everyday life. Today we will tell you how to choose the perfect dress. And after you read this article, go to the Club L London website and order what you like!

How To Pick The Perfect Fit Dress?

To choose an appropriate style of a dress, it is necessary to take into account its features.

  • Almost all styles of dresses are suitable for the most feminine pear or hourglass figure, but always strive to emphasize a thin waist. It can be fitted silhouettes or dresses with decoration at the waist, for example, with a strap or belt. This style of dress can be ordered in the Club L London online store.
  • The “triangle” figure is suitable for dresses with a voluminous bodice and wide sleeves. If you have wide hips, try to choose the bottom of the dress without decor, dark color, so as not to focus on them. A similar type of dress style can be ordered on the Club L London website.
  • For the “inverted triangle”, choose a bright bottom to focus on slender legs. The top must be visually reduced. Do not wear puffy sleeves, choose models with an asymmetric top. Dresses with such accents can be ordered in the Club L London online store.
  • If you have a rectangular figure, choose loose-fitting dresses with a belt. Also, sheath dresses and other fitted dress models will look good. They can be bought on the Club L London website.
  • If you are the owner of a round figure, choose straight or flared dresses. They don’t have an emphasis on the belly. Choose also models with an overestimated or underestimated waist. similar models can be ordered in the Club L London online store.

How To Choose A Dress By Color?

When choosing a dress, pay attention to its color. After all, a properly selected color can slim and rejuvenate, and vice versa, unsuccessful colors can throw on top for several years. Make you tired and skin pale. Also, when choosing a color, you should pay attention to your color type of appearance. The most trendy dresses can be bought on the Club L London website.

Choose Dresses By Style

To make the dress fit perfectly, and most importantly you feel comfortable in it, choose dresses according to your style. If you live in the rhythm of a noisy metropolis and like functional clothes, then casual is for you. And if you are vulnerable and love everything feminine and beautiful, then most likely your style is romantic. It depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Choose yours and then you can easily find the dress of your dreams. Dresses of all sizes, cuts and styles can be purchased at the Club L London online store.

Long Or Short?

Just like the style and color, the length can correct the figure.

  • Long dresses visually lengthen the silhouette and make you look slimmer. Look great with the maximum length of summer sundresses, as well as evening dresses on the floor.
  • If you have beautiful legs, then you can choose a dress above the knees, but at the same time focus on age.
  • Dresses of medium length can hide problem areas on the legs.
  • It is contraindicated for short girls to wear too long dresses, this can visually reduce growth.
  • Tall girls can choose any length, but do not abuse the extreme mini.

Any type and style of dresses can be ordered in the Club L London online store.

Special Events

To choose a dress, you need to decide for yourself what event you are buying it for. The main principle of good taste is that clothes should be adequate to the occasion. For example, you cannot go to a business meeting in a miniskirt or an evening dress with rhinestones. And at a party in a nightclub, a business suit will look somewhat ridiculous. 

Here are the main characteristics of dresses for different occasions:

  • Evening dresses are long or medium length dresses made of expensive materials. For example, from silk or velvet with various draperies and decor in the form of stones or lace. Such outfits can be made in various styles. They are worn for parties, social events, fashion shows and so on.
  • Casual dresses are what you can wear to work, to the store or for a walk. They have a laconic restrained style. No extra decoration.
  • There are also universal dresses that can be worn both for a business meeting and for a romantic date. Such outfits have their own zest. Also, they can change their direction depending on the decorations used.
  • Cocktail dresses can be both long and medium length, as well as midi. Much more restrained than evening, but also elegant and solemn. They can go to the theater, to a concert or to a restaurant.

In general, today dresses can be combined with any shoes and outerwear. For example, the option of a black cocktail dress with white sneakers and a white jacket looks interesting. There are a lot of such options. But the best dresses for such combinations can be found in the Club L London online store.