During the off-season, the weather is changeable. Rainy days are replaced by sunny ones; in the morning there are frosts, and in the afternoon it is hot, like in summer. Therefore, in spring and autumn, we need things that will be comfortable, despite the vagaries of nature. The best option is to dress in layers so that when the weather changes, you can take off or put on a layer of Nike clothing. 

Layer 1 – thermal underwear. Its task is to keep warm and absorb sweat during active physical exertion. Such linen dries rapidly, which automatically prevents hypothermia. It stretches very well, while repeating the curves of the body.

Layer 2 – fleece or polar – soft, pleasant materials that perform a thermal insulation function. At the same time, they create the effect of dry heat.

  • Fleece Nike clothing is durable and flexible. Perfectly keeps warm and dries quickly after sweating during running or other active physical activities.
  • Polartec is several times more expensive, warmer and more reliable than fleece. For polartec, the structure of the fabric is hollow, due to which the fabric retains heat much better.

These fabrics are lightweight and breathable. At the same time, they are hypoallergenic, wear-resistant, do not lose color and shape after washing.

Layer 3 – membrane Nike clothing for wind and water protection. In a membrane jacket, it will not be hot during physical exertion, as in a regular oilcloth raincoat. The micropores of the membrane pass excess steam from the body to the outside and at the same time do not allow raindrops to get inside. On such things, there is a breathable marking – “breathable”. For running, cycling and other outdoor activities – what you need.

Other Notations:

  • Waterproof – means “waterproof”.
  • Water-resistant – “waterproof” – will protect from light drizzle, but will get wet in heavy rain.
  • Water-repellent – “water-repellent”.
  • Windproof or wind resistant – in dry but windy weather, a windbreaker of this type is useful. It will protect you from the piercing wind.
  • Softshell is a type of Nike’s sportswear that combines 2-3 layers from those described above. This kit can combine an inner fleece layer and a top membrane layer.

Sport is a great thing that promotes good health, excellent inner state. But you need to train in suitable clothes that do not hinder movement and keep the whole body in the right temperature. And this is a vital thing!