Sport is an integral part of our life. Someone is actively engaged in it, but someone is just starting to take the first steps in this direction. And in this matter, the most important thing is to choose the right equipment. Again, you need to focus on the seasons. You can run in winter, but at the same time, be sure to have Nike clothes designed for this. The fundamental factors of good equipment are comfort and safety. Usually, it is tailored to support and warm the joints. Do not get wet during rain, protect from strong wind and so on. In this article, we will look at the standards, fabrics, and requirements for sportswear. Let’s go!

The main features of sportswear that distinguish it from everyday one:

  • the use of technological materials – soft shell, membranes, fleece, thermal fabrics;
  • anatomical cut, giving comfort and freedom of movement (seamless clothing, flat seams);
  • low weight and volume. In winter, thin thermal Nike clothing warms better than a huge down jacket;
  • inserts in important areas to protect the body: reinforced strength, elastic, ventilating, moisture and windproof, reflective.

Summer clothes for sports

Summer Nike T-shirts, t-shirts and shorts for athletes perfectly repel moisture and adhere to the body to the body. In addition, the material is composed in such a way that in those areas, for better ventilation, where it is necessary, a mesh or matter with large pores is inserted. For example, in the area of armpits and on the inside of the arms. And in the line of the top segment there is also UV protection.

What About Winter?

Sports Nike winter clothes are very light and warm. In them, the movements remain free. The effect is achieved through the use of special materials. For example, Thermolite, developed based on the structure of the fur of polar animals. The fibers of the material are hollow, and the air inside contributes to better thermal insulation. Shelter – consists of polyester fibers with silver ions; therefore, it does not electrify, unlike conventional synthetics. It is also worth remembering the Isosoft filler – four times thinner than the padding polyester, but it warms twice as much. These materials are lightweight, durable, keep heat well, do not “shrink” after washing and dry quickly. 

Let’s talk about off-season and other standards of Nike clothes in our next article! Follow!