Always dress fashionably and stylishly – the need of our time. To do this, you need to constantly update your wardrobe. In summer, I especially want variety, bright bows, interesting ideas. Stylists have already come up with a fashionable basic wardrobe for the summer of 2022, which you can focus on. You can choose clothes relevant to this season in the Zee&co online store.

Wardrobe Basis

A modern girl should understand the novelties of the season and imagine what the wardrobe consists of in general terms. The basic wardrobe is a kind of basis, a set of things that are universal in materials and colors. They should fit the style and lifestyle of the hostess.

Such a basic wardrobe will provide an opportunity to save money. At the same time, always dress beautifully and stylishly. Some tricks will help you create such a wardrobe yourself. And the Zee&co online store will help with this.

Summer is always associated with the scent of flowers. Perhaps for this reason, the designers decided to include color styling. At the same time, options are allowed for both small flowers on a different background, and large drawings.

Be sure to have floral prints in your wardrobe. Floral lace or floral appliqué, available from Zee&co.

  • Looks best with flowers:
  • skirts;
  • dresses;
  • blouses;
  • swimwear;
  • tops.

All this can be found in the Zee&co online store.

Bows with combinations will become especially popular:

  • pink and orange;
  • black and red;
  • blue and pink;
  • purple and red;
  • yellow and red;
  • beige and green.

Monochrome images will find their admirers. It is worth paying attention to the color schemes in raspberry, lime, mint, blue and yellow.

Stylish bows will not be able to do in the summer of 2022 without original accessories. They will look harmonious even in large quantities, according to stylists.

Another trend for summer 2022 is the return of some forgotten prints in clothing. Again, the trend will be a strip, a cage, peas, animal motifs. Clothing can be varied with ruffles, fringe, translucent inserts, flounces. It’s time to sew on sequins again. Popularity returns to inscriptions on T-shirts, pictures with characters from movies or cartoons, decoration with brand labels. All this can be ordered in the Zee&co online store.

Designers offer to recall the beauty of puffy sleeves with frills, puffed sleeves, clothes with an asymmetric cut. In summer bows, you can combine elements of different styles. This will emphasize individuality. For example, on a hot day, it is nice to bare your back and shoulders by choosing a luxurious neckline. A skirt, trousers or shorts are perfect for such a blouse, which can be found in the corresponding section of the Zee&co website.