Selling and buying various types of real estate, renting apartments, houses, premises for work and other types of real estate transactions is a rather complicated process, including a large number of long and laborious moments. However, modern technology makes all this much more convenient and easier. Today, many types of businesses have already acquired their own mobile applications. Taxi services, cafes and restaurants, travel agencies, large chain stores for the most part already have their own applications. The real estate industry is also actively developing such technologies. In this article, together with, we will look at the main features of real estate applications. Let’s go!

Who Needs a Real Estate App

The development and promotion of a mobile application is becoming a necessary step in the development of the business of companies operating in the field of real estate.

A mobile application can be both a tool for maintaining a business, increasing income, and an independent project, the developers of which seek to make money on the application itself. If we talk about a real estate application as an independent project, then it can be, for example, a service with which you can search for an apartment to buy or rent. Startups in this area are designed to simplify the process of finding the right property for a person. An example is the mobile app. This project allows the user to manage their property. At the same time, find adequate tenants. That is, in this program there is both an accounting department and a section of the community rules.

Here you can enter all the data on real estate and rent. Plus, upload the necessary documentation, both your own and the tenant’s.

Also, the application can expect to compare offers in different banks. An application of this type can greatly simplify the life of people who want to rent an apartment. If we talk about a mobile real estate program as a business support tool, it may be needed for different companies and organizations. Mainly, these are real estate agencies. Own application will help to increase the volume and control of the real estate agency’s rental.

Competent android promotion of the program can significantly improve the state of affairs in such a company. Such an application can also be useful for developers. They can use it for the purpose of selecting a client to sell developments. Realtors can use their own application. Also, in any case, it will not be superfluous for organizations in the tourism sector. In this case, it becomes a tool through which people can quickly and without unnecessary difficulties rent housing for a day. The necessary functions for recording all indicators and accounts are in the application.

Incidentally, can also be used by public authorities. Of course, this applies more to the municipalities of cities for the lease of urban real estate. In general, the main goal of any such application is to make communication between real estate developers and tenants as convenient, simple and efficient as possible.

In addition to the section for users, such projects often create admin sections. They are intended for administrators and moderators, as well as business partners of the company. The admin panel allows you to make the management of business processes much more convenient. Consequently, the efficiency of employees will increase, and revenues will also go up. A good addition to the mobile application would be a website. On it you can add additional information about the company and its services, in addition, the website will be focused on users who prefer to use a computer or laptop. Although, as practice shows, many companies use a mobile application as the main means of business promotion. By the way, you can go to the website and get acquainted with the terms and functionality of the application in detail.


The capabilities of the mobile application will differ depending on its type, purpose and other factors. We will list the main features that are usually implemented in real estate applications.

In the meantime, we’ll immediately note that no matter how high-quality the application is, people simply won’t know about it without proper advertising. Therefore, it is important to choose the right ways to promote the application.

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A mandatory section for all applications in general, and not just those dedicated to real estate, is settings. They can add the ability to change the background, font size, application language and other features of its functioning. One of the very useful features for business promotion can be sending push notifications. This is a good way to always be in touch with the user and remind yourself from time to time, a great way to improve retention. Push notifications are sent to the user even when he is not in the application. However, do not abuse notifications. There should not be too many of them, otherwise they will begin to annoy the user. You need to report on really important points. A page with the latest news about the real estate industry will not be superfluous.

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