The collar is an important detail of a man’s shirt, capable of conveying the state of the entire ensemble, giving completeness to the image. When choosing a shirt from Hawes&Curtis, it is important to pay special attention to the shape of this detail. Given the current fashion trends, we can distinguish the main types of shirt collars from Hawes&Curtis.

  • Classic – the most popular gate model. Suitable for square and heart-shaped faces. Ideal with a tie for a formal meeting, and good when unbuttoned for informal communication.
  • Long shirt collar. Able to slightly shorten the long neck and visually stretch the face.
  • Wide collar shirt. Helps soften rough lines and is ideal for narrow or thin faces.

Like the types of men’s shirts from Hawes&Curtis, all collars can be divided into formal and informal.

Formal collars come in the following types:

  • Classic – popular pointed collar. The distance between the top button of the shirt and the tip of the collar is about 7 centimeters. This collar is ideal for a jacket and trousers with a classic cut.
  • Kent is a versatile model that was named after the Duke of Kent. The collar of this model allows you to tie a tie in any way. A shirt with such a collar can be worn by unbuttoning a few extreme buttons. Kent is similar to the classic collar shape, only when fastened it has a sharper corner.
  • Oxford is a collar variant that features pointed corners and goes well with vests, suits and jumpers.
  • Italian – similar to the shape of a classic gate, but has longer ends and a wide angle between them.
  • French – a rather wide collar with corners strongly divorced to the sides. It is also called “shark”. This massive collar model looks great paired with a wide tie knot.
  • Butterfly – a stand-up collar, deliberately designed for a bow tie. Its sharp corners are bent down and form an angle of 45 degrees. You can combine this model with a scarf. A shirt with such a collar is ideal for a tailcoat or tuxedo.
  • A tab is a collar that has a strap in the form of a fabric jumper that fastens with a button. The tab is successfully combined with a tie and a business suit. A shirt with such a collar can be worn in an informal setting, but in this case, the collar must be buttoned up.
  • Crombie – a very wide collar with a simple rectangular cut with corners pointing down.
  • Shirts with a classic collar look are the hallmark of Hawes&Curtis. It was they who brought world fame to this brand.

Informal collars have the following varieties:

  • Batten down – a turn-down pointed collar, reminiscent of the collar of the form of polo players. It is made of dense fabric, and the corners are sewn to the shirt with buttons. This collar goes well with casual clothes and is not at all suitable for ties.
  • Varno – a collar with an interesting shape of the corners, which is ideal for a sweater. Due to the dense fabric, the corners keep their shape and do not touch the shirt itself.
  • Stand-up collar, or “mandarin”. This type of collared shirt from Hawes&Curtis will look stylish on slim guys. She will add carelessness and lightness to the image. There are no turn-down edges in this model, so they do not wear it with ties.
  • Eton – wide collar with rounded ends. It will be harmoniously combined with trousers and a cardigan.

A good shirt from Hawes&Curtis is 50% of a successful look. It is not for nothing that in fashion collections, a shirt and shoes are presented on the same shelf. They must first harmonize. They involuntarily pay attention foremost. And only then evaluate the entire ensemble. If the collar is chosen unsuccessfully, then it spoils the whole picture. Style is a reflection of a person’s condition, and good clothes are its embodiment!