Considering the variety of intoxicating options, you will certainly not miss the chance to try Porter beer. This is a special kind, which has been known throughout the world for several centuries.

True aesthetes enjoy these drinks today, and newcomers to the field of knowledge of the foam variety find something new and extraordinary in them. With such drinks, you will create the necessary atmosphere both while resting from hardworking days, and at the time of celebrating any other holiday. This is especially true for various kinds of barbecue. Who fries meat without strong beer? This is already a good tradition, coming from the depths of centuries. By the way, all the ingredients for cooking your favorite outdoor dishes can be ordered in the Ocado online store.

Did you know? The first varieties created in London were too strong. Their degree measure was within 6.6%. Today on the market you can find products with lower and higher rates. By the way, an excellent Porter can be purchased at the Ocado online store.

Beer Porter: What Is It?

Porter beer has been on the market for a long time. He is very much loved for his unusual taste. It differs in its recipe. Of course, this depends on the region. It happens to be more tart and bitter. And there is – caramel, sweetish. At the same time, this top-fermented beer should be based on brown, white or dark malt. Today, there are several subspecies of porter on the market, namely:

  • Brown porter. Brown and the oldest subspecies of drinks.
  • Robust porter. A separate subspecies of strong ales with a rather dry, but at the same time mild taste. In English versions, the maximum strength of the drink is 5.4%, in American versions – 6.5%.
  • Unmalted Porter. This metaphor characterizes the cultural assimilation of immigrants, not the creation of beer styles. It is also suitable for talking about the popular style of brewing from England. It was made by German immigrants from American raw materials. In the BJCP, this is “pre-Prohibition Porter”.
  • Baltic Porter varieties. They are distinguished by strong fruity shades in aroma and taste. Its strength can reach 9.5%.

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The visual performance of alcohol can vary from pale amber to dark brown with copper echoes. Again, it all depends on the region where the foamy drink is brewed. In the Ocado online store, you can choose from different types of Porter.


Aromatic indicators appear in a variety of colors. They are based on undertones of chocolate, biscuit, toast, and caramel. In the Ocado online store, you can find beer for every taste.


The gastronomic base is iris, nuts, floral flavors. Also, sometimes there are varieties with a taste of peat and oats. But this is for fans. These varieties can also be ordered from the Ocado online store.

Production technology

Making brew these days is tantamount to conducting an experiment. There are no special serious restrictions in the method of production of this drink. Considering this, each manufacturer approaches its creation creatively.

As for the fundamental base for the product, it can be light malt. Brown, caramel, black and chocolate varieties are added to it.

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A lot of people prefer light varieties of foam, but Porter and Stout have their own charm. They are richer in aromas. Denser. There are varieties that are infused in wine or whiskey barrels. They are stronger and brighter. They should not be drunk, but savored. By the way, a variety of types of foam can be ordered in the Ocado online store.