Not so long ago, women’s sneakers, sports shoes, were used only for playing sports and physical activity. But over time, everything has changed. Sports shoes in the modern world have gained incredible popularity and recognition. After all, this is not only a trendy element, but also undoubtedly, the best among comfortable ones. Especially if it’s Converse sneakers.

History Of Sports Shoes

The history of modern sports shoes began in Britain. Since the middle of the 19th century, hiking and sports have become very popular. Around the same time, football and tennis were born. Naturally, it was impossible to practice in simple shoes. At the same time, the first lightweight canvas shoe model was invented. Its basis was a rubber sole. They called her Keds. Developed these sneakers for the police. Well, to order the best models, go to the Converse online store.

Thirty years later, the production of special shoes began to improve. It was developed separately for each sport. At that time, a special version of sneakers for running began to appear – they were called sneakers.

At the same time, sneakers began to be divided: for women and men, they began to produce different ones. The event was indeed significant. Women’s wardrobe received an important new thing – a sporty look of shoes. In the modern world, sports shoes consist of sneakers, sneakers and sneakers. But the most current models can be found in the Converse online store.

Women’s Sneakers

This type of footwear is incredibly popular among women. Keds are amazingly versatile. It is difficult to find clothes that will look bad with sneakers. It is possible to pick up several pairs of Converse sneakers for any female look. There is an incredible number of colors and prints. They are made from many materials. Complemented with laces, rivets, rhinestones, chains and other original elements. There are sneakers that surprise with their appearance. All this variety of designs, colors and variations can be found in the Converse online store.

Girls today walk in slip-ons, moccasins, loafers, sleepers, vans – all these are different versions of sneakers. This also includes Converse.

Slip Ons

They are sneakers without lacing. Their base is a rubber platform. Top – textile or leather. This type of sneaker is perfect for everyday wear. They are easy to put on and take off. Thanks to soft textiles, the legs seem to breathe. Black, white, blue, beige slip-ons are perfect with any clothes. Many girls today prefer high-soled slip-ons. They can be ordered from the Converse online store.


Converse is an American company that was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. At first, the company produced winter shoes. The sports direction appeared ten years later. Today, Converse sneakers have gained unprecedented popularity due to their practicality, versatility and reliability. They come in a variety of shapes: high, low or medium. The highs and mids are adorned with the brand’s emblem in the form of a white circle, inside which is placed a star and the inscription “All stars”. As for the material, they come in leather, suede, vinyl, denim, fabric and more.


These are semi-closed shoes. Its basis is a flat sole or low heels. There are cloth and suede. They are not decorated with laces, buckles and fasteners. Goes well with any style of clothing. The only thing you should not wear them with is with wide trousers and socks.


Vans are called high models that have lacing and a waffle rubber sole. They originate in the 60s of the last century. Then vans were sneakers made of leather, mostly in a cage. They were designed for young people who are engaged in skateboarding. After a very short period of time, they have become very popular around the globe. Moreover, they were marked by both athletes and ordinary people. A similar model of sneakers can be purchased at the Converse online store.


Appeared in the early 1920s. They are shoes on a platform of approximately six centimeters. Most often they are suede and leather. The color is different, but most often you can find white.

Concluding this article, I would like to add that sneakers are synonymous with freedom in clothing. In their mental lightness, they resemble the winged boots of Mercury or Hermes – as you like. They seem to hint at the sharpness of thought and the freshness of the idea. Among other things, they add an elusive nymph to the female image of sexuality and attractiveness. Together with this – purity and purity. This is a very versatile and unique shoe. This is exactly what you can find in the Converse online store.