The choice of pajamas is entirely a matter of taste. But there are many design trends, models, styles, colors and combinations of kits. However, there is no person who would not agree with the statement: “Pajamas should be so comfortable that, even if you are late for work, you don’t want to take them off.” The main criterion when choosing clothes for sleep is comfort and convenience in everyday wear. That’s just it – a fundamental factor that almost always outweighs all other arguments.

But nevertheless, in this article we will talk about the types of Oodie’s pajamas – men’s, women’s and children’s. So let’s get started!


Model with shorts, capris, breeches. We would call this style “lightweight classic”. Since these pajamas are sewn from light thin fabrics – silk, viscose, satin – and they are intended mainly for summer. The top of such Oodie’s pajamas is a T-shirt, top or T-shirt. It also suggests a shortened version of the sleeve to create maximum comfort for sleeping and relaxing in the summer.

Classic. These pajamas consist of wide trousers and a loose button-down shirt. As for cut, the model is similar to the male. However, the requirements of the modern world have forced designers to slightly modernize the classic cut. Variations on the theme of classics among women’s pajamas by Oodie are sets consisting of a loose sweater and trousers or breeches with an elastic band at the bottom of the leg.

Peignoirs. Separately, we would like to mention very feminine pajamas, the main functional task of which is to delight and please the eye. They are sewn from thin, translucent materials, usually from viscose, satin, silk, satin. Use lace inserts, exquisite decor. These pajamas are frank, repeat the line of the body, emphasizing all the curves.

Pajama jumpsuit. One-piece clothing – most often sewn from terry, velour, fleece – is ideal for winter and for those. Suitable for those who often roll over in their sleep, as it does not shrink to the chest.


Summer classic. Also, two-piece pajamas, however, in the set instead of trousers and a shirt – a T-shirt and shorts made of lightweight fabrics – viscose, fine knitwear. Such pajamas in the summer can be used as home and even beachwear.

Classic. Two-piece Oodie’s pajamas, a classic set consisting of long pants with a free cut and a shirt (sweater). As a rule, men’s pajamas are sewn from cotton, linen with the addition of a percentage of synthetics.

Silk pajamas. Another option for men’s sleepwear. This pajama looks very stylish, cools the skin and is very pleasant to the touch.

Kigurumi pajamas. A kind of overalls sewn from warm fabrics – terry, flannel, velour, fleece or microfiber. Fastener – lightning or buttons. Recently, it is kigurumi that has been leading in the list of preferences of young, creative people. However, most often these pajamas are bought for children or teenagers.

Children’s pajamas

Kigurumi. Differs in convenience and comfort at a sock. You can opt for pajamas, where there are funny ears on the hood. A child in such clothes feels like a bear, a fox or a panda, depending on which animal is chosen. Additional decorative elements may be present on such pajamas. You can choose kigurumi, which represent some kind of animal. This type of pajamas came to Europe from Japan. These jumpsuits are stylized as animals. As an element of the game – a great thing!

Slips. This option is suitable for any age. Most often they are made from thin baize, cotton. These fabrics are soft and natural. Usually, they are fastened with a zipper or buttons, which facilitates the process of their use. Oodie’s pajamas with a zipper made of terry or fleece are especially comfortable. There is no need to waste time buttoning.

Body. Pajamas, which fastens around ​​​​the coccyx with buttons. But this option is best suited for infants and children under five years old.