A man in the right shirt from Hawes & Curtis always looks status and stylish. However, not all types of men’s shirts can be a worthy addition to the wardrobe. Some styles and prints are suitable for someone, completely opposite models look great on others. And in the wardrobe there should be both classic shirts and more casual ones.

But how do you find the perfect one? After all, shirts differ in style, material, sleeves, collar, and even in the method of fastening. We will tell you how to find a great model that will suit you in all respects in this material from Hawes & Curtis.

Types of Models of Men’s Shirts

All types of men’s shirts and their names are usually distinguished by the type of style or silhouette:

  • Regular-Fit by Hawes & Curtis is a classic straight fit. It is perfect for a suit and tie for a business meeting. For a casual look, the classic shirt can be worn with a sweater or vest.
  • Slim-Fit or body-slim by Hawes & Curtis is a fitted shirt that men choose to flatter their figure. Ideal for those with an athletic build. The same type of shirt models include the extra slim or super slim style. This style is more chosen by young people who want to demonstrate their magnificent torso.
  • Custom-Fit by Hawes & Curtis is a loose shirt silhouette. The product, properly sized, will look attractive with a blazer or knitted cardigan.

But the models themselves must be made of quality material. A good shirt is visible from afar. She not only emphasizes status, she gives confidence. Structures the very image of a person. Makes it not just tangible, but emphasizes its state. Many articles have been written about the influence of colors on the human psyche, but the cut of the shirt itself already sets in a certain way. For example, white, blue, blue and gray shades are suitable for business meetings. For playing golf (this is also a kind of business negotiations) – pastel colors. The game itself is unhurried: she loves the miscalculation and accuracy of each blow. Therefore, it is very important to know which shirt to wear for which occasion. And in the wardrobe for each of them there should be several pairs.

Hawes & Curtis has a full line of shirts, from casual to special occasions. The image created by the image is an integral part of a successful person.