You saw a perfect dress and wish to try it on immediately, but in a changing room you see that it looks horrible. Who is wrong? Is it an awful dress, or are your legs too short and thin? No! You just have to select right model type according to your shape. Then, everything will be in a perfect harmony!

What Types Of Dresses Are There?

In the Ever Pretty collection, there are dresses with a v-neck. They are concise and natural in their cut. The waist can be decorated in this model can be decorated with a belt. It perfectly emphasizes the waist line. Also, it can be correlated in height.

A dress with a strap-loop around the neck is one type of evening dress in the Empire style. The décolleté area impresses with its beauty. In this case, a precious necklace is an appropriate decoration for a dinner party or reception.

What About Summer Short Dresses?

Also in the Ever Pretty line there are short dresses – this is a completely acceptable option. An excellent solution for owners of beautiful legs. Small pintucks at the waist in the form of folds will emphasize the slim shape.

A balloon is a type of short dress. It is a free model. There is a small frill along the edge of the product. It gives splendor to the product. It looks very impressive. A girl with narrow hips can choose such a dress. A good opportunity to hide excessive thinness.

  • Sheath dress as an evening dress. If fluffy dresses do not attract, then Ever Pretty suggests choosing a similar style. The highlight is that at the upcoming celebration, everyone will see the grace of the female figure. Simple, but attractive enough. The amazing decoration of the bodice will also help to attract attention, it can be the most diverse. From v-neck to boat. Asymmetric neckline or décolleté. A dress with an American armhole will expressively emphasize the smooth line of the shoulders.
  • Next in the Ever Pretty collection are tight mini dresses with bare shoulders. On a hot summer day, you can afford a minimum of a closed body. Unless, of course, the girl has a graceful figure. Additional accessories: stilettos, fine jewelry and a fashionable clutch complete the intriguing look. Please note, girls, jewelry should be in the same style. Look for the right set in advance in the store: traditional earrings and a chain or a small pendant and a bracelet. Then you won’t miss out.
  • Dress with flared skirt. Season trend. The outfit will definitely attract the attention of others. An unambiguous “yes” to such a dress, if a girl or woman likes to move freely and smoothly.
  • Dress with train. Its distinctive feature is a short skirt in front and a long, like a peacock tail, a train from the back. Feminine, gentle and royally beautiful. The exciting part of the skirt can be either multi-layered or a flying part of flowing fabrics.

The choice of an evening dress is a very delicate matter and does not tolerate haste. Therefore, Ever Pretty offers the best options.