Speaking of shoes for a business woman, many people imagine strict pumps with comfortable heels. However, do not forget that business women do not spend around the clock in the office. Plus, they make business trips, meet partners on neutral territory, attend corporate events. Therefore, the business style in shoes is much wider than is commonly believed. Being attractive doesn’t mean trying your best to look sexy. Women’s shoes in a business style with a flat sole seem to be designed to make us treat our wardrobe, and even ourselves, more calmly and simply. Pavers online store has prepared an overview of the most common types of business shoes. It is designed for both a strict office bow and business trips. Let’s get started!

Business Shoes For Women: Boots, Ankle Boots And Shoes

Knee-length boots for women are seasonal footwear for cold weather. First of all, they are comfortable and with a stable heel. A straight skirt should end 5 cm above the boots, and if the skirt is wide, then it should cover the entire leg to the top of the boot. They can be purchased at the Pavers online store.

Ankle boots are graceful feminine boots with or without heels, ankle-high. They combine elegance and comfort, but if you have full ankles and like skirts and breeches below the knee, these shoes are contraindicated for you. For cool weather, high ankle boots resembling half boots are suitable. For warmer months, low, almost shoes are good. Ankle boots may seem like too complicated shoes, they are far from being combined with any clothes – you need to carefully select a set, thinking through all the pros and cons. Nevertheless, they occupy a worthy place in the Pavers online store.

Lace-up boots with low, stable heels are an essential element of a woman’s wardrobe. They can be worn with knee-length skirts, berets and chunky knit scarves. These shoes immediately create a mood and can become the main focus of the outfit. However, it should be remembered that they visually enlarge the calves. Therefore, they should not be combined with breeches and cropped trousers. Wide trousers made of tweed or wool, very tight jeans or leggings are more suitable for boots. This type of women’s business shoes can also be found in the Pavers online store.

Closed-laced shoes – oxfords, open-laced shoes – derby and brogues – refer to shoes with low-heeled laces in men’s style. They are extremely relevant in everyday life. This is an extremely convenient and practical thing. She looks very elegant and, despite the business style, emphasizes charisma and sexuality. It can be worn traditionally – with straight and very wide trousers, a shirt and a jacket in the spirit of a man’s jacket. And you can also with a pleated skirt, a small jumper or button-down blouse and a long coat. Also great for casual style: shirt, women’s tie, jacket and skinny jeans. This model of women’s business shoes is presented in the Pavers online store.

Loafers. There are classics in the fashion world that are out of the moment, and loafers are one of them. They appeared in the early 1930s and immediately gained popularity. They resemble moccasins, but differ in the presence of a sole with a thick, low heel. The secret of the popularity of loafers is their versatility and convenience. They are worn with jeans and a blazer, on vacation or in the office, where a business casual style is adopted.

Moccasins are light shoes with soft soles, simple and very comfortable. They can be worn in summer with informal attire and without socks. But due to the soft pads and the lack of a heel, the leg quickly gets tired in them. However, they go well with both jeans, trousers and shorts. This is a perfectly acceptable shoe for a working office or business environment.

In the Pavers online store you can find women’s shoes for every taste and size. To create a casual work bow or an informal look. Remember, good shoes, boots or sandals are, first of all, comfort and convenience! Go to the Pavers website and choose the shoes that are relevant for you!