Most young people try to make their appearance perfect. They buy expensive shirts and trousers, jackets, jackets and so on. But for some reason, it is on men’s summer and spring shoes that many of them try to save money. They forget that good shoes, loafers or sandals can complete the look to the end. For example, white leather Lacoste sneakers will give the necessary zest. According to numerous girls and women, men with an element of white look the sexiest. This effect is also observed in the combination of black and yellow.

The paradox lies in the fact that summer shoes are bought either cheap, from materials that are far from high-quality, or expensive. But absolutely not suitable for the previously chosen image. In addition, not always expensive men’s shoes for spring-summer 2022 are of high quality. You need to navigate the materials yourself. Often, the activity of sales consultants advising something is aimed only at selling the most expensive models to customers. Just – a distinctive feature of Lacoste – the main components are natural.

Also, when choosing shoes, people often make mistakes:

  • buy shoes a size larger;
  • follow the lead of friends who advise them;
  • buy other, more expensive/cheaper shoes if there is no model for their foot.

Regarding the third point. Very often, shoes fit the client according to the size of the insole. However, the width of his foot is somewhat different from the standard. For example, too narrow. Therefore, it is significant to understand that good and comfortable shoes will last a very long time. This is another feature of Lacoste: it is better that the customer is satisfied. Even if he never comes back.

Shoes also need to be properly cared for. It is necessary to select funds specifically for the material from which it is made. For leather shoes, you can use a colorless cream or petroleum jelly. Textile shoes are cleaned with a brush as they get dirty, and their soles are washed with a rag and detergent.

The most popular men’s shoes for 2022:

  • loafers;
  • boots;
  • classic shoes;
  • sneakers;
  • sneakers;
  • slip-ons;
  • moccasins.

All this can be bought in the Lacoste online store!

The best materials from which shoes can be made:

  • Genuine Leather;
  • high quality eco-leather;
  • leather;
  • linen.

In general, the trends of this year are such that everything very bright and non-trivial is appreciated. At the same time, everything must be of very high quality. The main leitmotif: no compromises and discounts. Everything is only the best. It is the criteria that Lacoste meets.