What are the color trends for this year? What is the best way to shape your everyday and formal outfits? Let’s figure it out!

Composing a spring and summer wardrobe, due attention should be paid not only to fashion trends, but to current color combinations. This season, choose a mix of green and purple – it is the main shade of 2022. Also, worth noting is the popular combination of elegant white and smart silver. You can add a combination of blue and beige (also available at EveryPretty. A mix of orange and light green and a bold duet of pink and black.

White + silver

Pure and elegant white color in the new season struck up a strong friendship with an elegant silver tint. From this comes the conclusion that we will celebrate the upcoming holidays in this color scheme. The most stylish looks are presented in combination – shiny trousers and a shirt with feathers. Next – a daring miniskirt paired with a strict white shirt. Then – a shimmering top and an elegant trouser suit from EveryPretty, consisting of wide snow-white trousers and a jacket with lapels embroidered with crystals.

Green + purple

Grassy green was the most popular clothing shade among celebrities and street style stars in 2021. It was worn by fashionistas such as Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, Leonie Hanne and Pernille Theisbeck. In 2022, he still tops the list of the most desired colors, but in the new season, designers advise wearing it in a pair with a purple hue Very Peri. So, the couturier was offered to wear a business trouser suit with a relaxed lavender blouse. Other fashion houses have combined the top and shorts (skirt) with sequins in these two trendy colors.

Blue + beige

Neutral beige can be worn not only with milky, black, gray and brown shades. The most interesting thing will be to supplement it with an unexpected color accent and play on the contrast. For example, pair bright blue things with a beige outfit. This spring, you can wear to the office or to study, a low-waist miniskirt in nude tones in a duet with a spectacular blue shirt. There is an option to combine sports shorts with a polo shirt, or you can beat the nude “naked” dress by EveryPretty with blue lace stockings.

Pink + black

Classic, daring, elegant, basic & austere. This is accurately what can be said about black, depending on what clothes it decorates. In the new spring-summer 2022 season, he made friends with a romantic, delicate and feminine pink hue, which is already arousing interest. Designers recommend wearing a satin tracksuit with rough and black perforated boots. You can complement a pink girlish light coat with patent leather over the knee boots. Also, you can combine sporty black clothing details with weightless pink feathers on the dress from EveryPretty.

Orange + light green

Perhaps one of the brightest decisions of this spring was the color combination of orange and light green. It is this combination of shades that will not only show knowledge of fashion trends, but also add color to your wardrobe and cheer you up. If you decide to update your wardrobe in the new season, then it is recommended to bet on a knitted dress in a yellow-green shade. To this, add iconic accessories in the shade of Sicilian oranges to the image. Also, you can add an orange top with translucent lime tights. Or simply: a laconic top and a skirt in two colors, reminiscent of summer.

Well, spring is in full swing and summer is coming. Therefore, be happy and free with EveryPretty!