Men’s fashion this season is in no way inferior to the diversity of women’s. Naturally, the colors presented in the Gant collection correspond to the main trends. Of course, it is always fashionable what suits a particular person. But you should focus on the given trends. It helps to choose the right things for the wardrobe. Depending on age, men choose one or another color. Young people are more likely to opt for bright colors, and older men – for calm ones. What color to choose this year – let’s take a closer look.

Primary colors

This spring-summer season has a highlight among flowers. In its new collection, Gant highlights other no less iconic colors.

The main colors for men’s wardrobe are:

  • dark brown shades;
  • blue shades;
  • new shade – suede color.

As for dark brown tones, they can perfectly connect with beige. For example, a dark brown shirt and beige trousers from Gant. This shade emphasizes the status of a person. Purposeful people stop their choice on it. Various shades of blue declare stability, independence and clear goal setting. It is also called the color of power, as it reflects both depth and height. Creates an aura of mystery.

This concerns the new mustard shade, which the designers called the color of suede. It simply fascinates with its ease, simplicity and at the same time richness.

In addition to the listed tones, the following will also be popular:

  • grey;
  • olive;
  • metallic color.

What Do They Mean?

For example, gray is the confidence and cold calculation characteristic of business people. Slowness and a sober assessment of the situation are qualities that are highly valued in today’s world. If you disassemble the olive color, then here it reflects new trends and ideas. The shade is inherent in people who generate projects, who are in constant search for solutions to the tasks at hand. Also, Gant pays attention to the metallic color. It is characteristic of people who are decisive and clearly defend their positions. They are independent and prefer a clear system of values.

Moreover, Gant in its collection highlights white and pink colors that have not lost their relevance. They look great both on their own and in collaboration with others. For example, the classic white top and blue bottom. That is, a white polo and blue jeans are always a win-win option. Or: a pink shirt paired with gray or metallic trousers.

Don’t forget about bright red colors that look great with different shades of black. This, of course, is a traditional combination, but it fully reflects the indomitability of this year. Separately, it is necessary to highlight the duet of black and yellow. This year, it remains just as popular and in demand. And in general, like white and blue – a win-win.

This spring-summer period is a special time of opportunity. It is now that you need to show your leadership qualities and be able to saddle the restive horse of luck. And to attract changeable Fortune, Gant offers to transform your wardrobe. The outside must always match the inside!