How to behave on a first date? The opinions of psychologists differ on this matter, someone says that it is important to be yourself, and someone, on the contrary, tries to show himself in the most favorable light. One way or another, on this romantic evening, the first impression of people about each other is formed, they decide whether they will communicate further. In this article, we will tell you why you need to give flowers on a first date, and how to give a bouquet to a girl in the right way. And most importantly, how to choose the right composition. Online store Serenata review of the most relevant flowers and bouquets. Well, let’s get started!

Why Give Flowers On A First Date?

First, it means that you have been preparing for it. So you show your interest to the girl, most likely, she will appreciate it. Secondly, any gift, especially flowers, is an opportunity to show your generosity, and women love men with good human qualities. Thirdly, flowers give pleasant emotions, which will positively affect the mood of the evening.

Definitely, if you come on a first date with a bouquet of flowers, there are more chances that in the future you will build a warm relationship with your chosen one. Especially if you order an original and unique composition in the Serenata online store.

What Flowers To Choose?

  • The rose is a traditional flower for the beloved. But passionate red roses are not suitable for a first date, it is better to give preference to light colors. Pink and white roses will express the purity of the attitude towards the girl, and cream – respect for her. As a gift for a creative person, a colorful bouquet of Kenyan roses mix is ​​​​suitable. It combines many shades – pink, peach, lilac and many others. The Kenyan rose is a beautiful flower, and at the same time inexpensive due to its miniature size.
  • Tulip and matrikaria in the language of flowers mean purity and chastity. Accordingly, on a first date, they are suitable for a young girl for whom you have the most tender feelings.
  • Orchids are given on the first date only if you are counting on a serious relationship with the fair sex. In addition, these flowers are created for true romantics, as they express the brightest feeling of love.
  • Gerberas are a symbol of the sun and happiness. They are suitable for a kind and sociable girl. Compared to other flowers, gerberas are more convenient because they live longer without water. Bouquets of these flowers can be ordered in the Serenata online store.

It happens that you decide to go on a date after years of dating or friendship. In this case, you can make an original composition of sunflowers, but only if you know for sure that the girl is not against creativity.

Such flowers are most often chosen for a romantic dinner with a young lady, but there are a lot of options. It all depends on the individual preferences of the girl. It’s good if you managed to chat for some time and get to know her tastes, including flowers. This kind of delicate bouquets can also be ordered on the Serenata website.

In fact, flowers are a pleasant, but very essential, addition to a developing relationship. They emphasize feelings and give meaning to hidden messages and hints. After all, it is not laws that rule the world, but signs and symbols. We at Serenata are deeply convinced of this!