The main attractions of Santiago de Chile amaze with their monumentality and uniqueness. The city is the capital, so it contains all historically significant objects and representatives of local architecture.

Founded in 1541 by the conquistador Pedro de Vidalia, the city has absorbed all the best of European architecture from the Habsburg era. Today we will begin our review of the sights of this magnificent city. By the way, to book tickets and book places in the best hotels, follow the link to the Budget Air website. and we won’t waste time. Let’s fly!

Mount San Cristobal

Mount San Cristobal attracts people seeking to spend more time alone with nature. At its top is a spacious platform. It has excellent views of the surrounding area. Nearby there is a park with a picturesque garden, a zoo and a museum dedicated to wine products.

At the foot of the mountain, a museum was built for Pablo Neruda, who was awarded the Nobel Prize and was a famous writer. Tourists can climb to the top of the attraction using a special funicular or directly by car.

Palace of La Moneda

This architectural landmark is located on the main city square. Its territory stretched for almost the entire block. Today, the authorities use this building for administrative purposes. The beginning of construction dates back to the 18th century, but the palace became available for visiting only 21 years later. Then the attraction began to be considered the residence of the president, until 1929 it was the place where money was issued.

The first destruction of the palace appeared in 1973, during the period of the Chilean coup, because of which it suffered from hostilities. The palace was fully restored only at the end of the 20th century, and it was only used for tourism purposes in 2003. When booking a trip to Santiago on the Budget Air website, be sure to plan your excursion to La Moneda – you won’t regret it! and if you need everything else to book a hotel, then follow the fixed link!

Armory Square

The second name of this attraction is Plaza de Armas. With its construction, the history of the city began. It is this square that is considered a place of accumulation of a huge flow of tourists from all over the world, they tend to visit it in the first place. On its territory there are monumental buildings that were erected during the period of colonization. They are prominent representatives of the Baroque style.

In the central part of the square there is a monument that embodies the symbol of freedom in America. It depicts episodes demonstrating Latin America’s desire for independence.

Metropolitano Park

This attraction is a great place for active pastime, where there is a huge number of sports sections with bike rentals. In addition, there is a wine museum, a zoo, trekking routes and a botanical garden. The park is located at the foot of Mount San Cristobal, on its territory there are about 270 species of various trees and almost 40 varieties of orchids.

Santiago is a unique city. Every self-respecting traveler should visit it at least once in their life. And in order to do this with the highest comfort, follow the fixed link to the Budget Air website. Here you can book both tickets and a hotel room. Among other things, there is a car rental service. Waiting for you!