Tastes could not be discussed! But it’s no secret that at different times of the year you need to use different perfumes. Some women love light citrus and fruity fragrances, while others love rich chypre and woody fragrances. That is why we have put together a selection of 3 different fragrances for you. There is only one thing that connects them – they are all unusually tasty, bright and unforgettable!

Please note that winter compositions are most often hot fragrances with the richest pyramid, which consists of rich, basic accords. Such perfumes seem to envelop with their aroma and create a feeling of sensuality in the frosty winter season. Oriental perfumery copes with this task perfectly.

Perfumers and psychologists say that choosing the right perfume for the winter is not difficult, the main thing is to choose intense and multi-layered perfumes.

After all, in cold weather, the skin almost never heats up, and from this any light aroma sounds barely audible. If you are used to wearing eau de toilette, it is better to change it to a more concentrated perfume. And which one, in our selection… By the way, on the Druni website you can pick up fragrances with different concentrations to suit your taste. Follow the link!

Chanel Gabrielle

A fragrance that will certainly be able to pleasantly impress even the most demanding and sophisticated representatives of the fair sex. Citrus accords of ripe mandarin and tart grapefruit are harmoniously combined with berry accents of sour, blackcurrant. This stunning tandem is the first to enter into an incendiary game, attracting the surprised and admiring glances of others.

The exotic fragrance of tuberose and fragrant ylang-ylang fill the heart of the perfume composition, evenly sharing it with snow-white jasmine and overseas orange blossom. At this moment, the richness of the aroma is felt as well as possible. Woody accords of oriental sandalwood and the seductive scent of mind-blowing musk complete the incredible picture with a long-lasting, charming, rich trail that you want to feel again and again. The most relevant fragrances for the cold season can be bought at the Druni online store.

Escentric Molecules Escentric 02

The fragrance first saw the light in 2008, its creator was the Berlin perfumer Geza Schoen. At the head of this perfume is the Ambroxan molecule, developed on the basis of ambergris and is a strong pheromone. Sensual and sophisticated, this perfume envelops with an aura of calmness, relaxation and piercing tenderness. Clean, clear, airy fragrance will create a feeling of lightness, love, magic and happiness. Enveloping in a weightless haze, the fragrance brings a feeling of sublimity, faith in a miracle, leaving no one indifferent.

In any situation, in any weather, a perfume with a magic molecule gives confidence in yourself and your own beauty. Such a simple and understandable, but at the same time attractive aroma evokes a feeling of enthusiasm, and not only due to the aphrodisiac content, but also due to lightness, vivacity and freshness. Once you feel the aroma of this perfume, it is impossible to refuse it. It attracts and beckons always. You can buy a fragrance for the autumn-winter period in the Druni online store. Follow the link!

Mancera Roses Greedy

Bright and juicy Uniex fragrance was developed in 2012 for all those who strive for excellence and adventure, for whom essence is more important than appearance. This fragrant accessory will become a magical and bewitching accent of the image, a sparkling and dynamic decoration. The composition includes the best, exotic and unique ingredients that can emphasize the magnetism, charm and seductiveness of the owners. A spicy fruity start with exotic coconut accords turns into an exquisite tenderness of a floral heart. It combines innocence with luxurious fragrance, which ends with the sweet sexuality of the base. The most current fragrances can be ordered in the Druni online store. Follow the pinned link.

In subsequent articles, we will continue to reveal the topic of perfumes for the cold season. And if you want to buy the fragrance now, then follow the link to the Druni website.