Deburring Machine

A hobby is a person’s favorite thing, in addition to the main occupation. There are lovers of making various figures, and then painting them. For example, some people buy miniatures for Warhammer 40,000, while others prefer to make them themselves. For personal use. Just for working with small parts, the deburring device is intended. It can be purchased by clicking on the link.

Deburring apparatus. With a set of nozzles for working with small parts. Especially suitable for those who like to collect 3-D models. The kit includes 5 blades for removing steel, brass and aluminum. Also, 5 blades for cutting stainless steel, tungsten and other hard metals. 5 more blades for cast iron, copper, wood and plastic. Perfectly removes nylon edges without melting the material itself.

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Sanding Sticks

Naturally, after carrying out the main work with small details, they need to be polished. This is what grinding sticks are for. You can buy them by clicking on the link below the description.

The package contains forty pieces with different grain sizes. Suitable for polishing hard to reach places. Small items and miniature products. The set includes sticks for various surfaces – from wood and plastic to metal. They have a very wide range of applications both in the household and in various industries.

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Soap Dispenser

After work, there comes a time when you need to wash your hands well. In this case, you need to have a good dispenser for liquid soap. Again, there are various incidents at work where hand disinfection is urgently needed. Such a device can be ordered by clicking on the link.

Soap dispenser. A distinctive feature of this model is the improved dispenser. It eliminates liquid soap waste. This ensures extreme ergonomics. The top of the device is waterproof. Also included is a large, comfortable handle. The transparent tank allows you to control the flow of liquid soap. For one stroke of the mechanism, it gives out 1 centimeter cubic. Works on the basis of antiseptics.

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