Pendants in the form of letters

This is a premium class jewelry that will suit both adults and children. Made from high quality material. It is absolutely wear-resistant and products from it serve for a very long time. They are almost impossible to break randomly. A distinctive feature of these pendants is that they are very easy to install on the surface of the shoe. It will be relevant to order the letters of your full name. This is a very good gift that will emphasize the individuality of a person.

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Pokemon shoe charms

These are unique decorations that the child will really like. Moreover, there is a whole subculture and people who grew up with Japanese anime. For them, it is a treasure. These pendants are made of high quality and wear resistant material. They are easy to attach to shoes. Also, it is very easy to remove. The set includes 24 pendants.

These pendants can be ordered by clicking on the link.

Mexican style shoe charms

This is a wonderful gift for both children and adults. Emphasizes individuality and uniqueness of the shoes themselves. She becomes unique and unlike anything else. Made from high quality and durable material. Easy to attach and remove.

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