My home is my castle. This is a statement that shows not only the degree of self-confidence, but also responsibility. It extends not only to the person himself, but also to his family. But the house should not only be well built, but cozy and functional. In this article, we will discuss some aspects that will help in this matter. Go!

The first thing you should pay attention to is the walls. Of course, there are many ways to improve them – from simple painting to expensive plaster. Finishing with fabrics and wood stands apart here. They need special care. It is tied to special coating compositions and surface treatments. For example, oil-wax or chemical sprays to clean dirt from fabric fibers. This is not available to everyone. And, by and large, it does not justify itself. The simpler, the better.

In such a situation, self-adhesive wallpaper under the tree is suitable. It’s extremely comfortable and stylish. Moreover, most of them are washable. They do not require large investments of funds and are easily changed if something happens.

Wallpaper imitating wood is beautiful, looks realistic and maintains the style of the room. Moreover, the canvas is thick and durable. This makes it much easier to work with him. It is difficult to damage and spoil. And for convenience, on the back side, everything is lined section by section. Wallpapers are easily glued to the surface and create an indescribable atmosphere!

You can easily experiment with them: leave part of the wall bare, and part – wallpaper under the tree. Get a great design in the style of “Loft”. Minimum investment and maximum results. Looks especially good in the kitchen.

If we talk about windows and doors, then it is very important to minimize the ingress of the sun’s rays. This is especially true in summer. But what if the window frame is not located very conveniently. The answer is simple: a magnetic curtain rod. We install metal fasteners on both sides. We install a bracket on them and hang the curtain. You can do the same with doors. It is even easier here, because the distance is not so great. However, it’s extremely useful. It is not only functional, but also suitable for almost any design.

One of the options: a white magnetic curtain rod. This is a universal bracket. Attaches to any metal surface. It is 50% stronger than ordinary mounts. Can be adjusted in length – from 16 to 28 inches. Differs in reliability and wear resistance.

This is a very good option for both Loft and Country designs.

If we have already touched on the rustic style, then it is worth mentioning the unchanging decorations of the veranda and porch. Usually plants in flowerpots are placed there – flowers or shrubs. All this is cut and monitored all year round so that it does not wither. The only drawback is that all this wealth takes time, effort and money to maintain in the proper form. All this can be done, but at the same time using artificial green spaces. Today they practically do not visually differ from the real ones. This will free up time and resources for other equally important things.

Artificial greenery. It is not only beautiful, but also convenient. She makes accents in the room. Or it can hide obvious flaws. It is made of high quality plastic that is UV resistant. Therefore, it can be safely decorated with a balcony, porch or porch.

Moreover, it does not need to be constantly hidden during the autumn-winter period.

Well, as you can see, a house or apartment can be brought into proper condition without spending a lot of resources and time. A competent organization of space is comfort and coziness in its purest form!