Stainless Steel Mesh

Imagine that you want to make an aviary for your dog. To protect it, you will need a good, and most importantly, durable mesh. If the dog is large, it is very important that she endure. In other cases, it will also be appropriate. For example, for pouring a small foundation. This mesh can be purchased by clicking on the link.

Stainless steel mesh. The product consists of sections of high-strength metal. The aperture is 4.5 millimeters, and the diameter is 0.74 centimeters. The surface is corrosion resistant. The connections are very strong, wear-resistant and durable. Suitable for area fencing. Also, it can be used as a metal structure in construction work. For example, for bonding surfaces – floors, walls.

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Outdoor Thermometer

Naturally, in the household, this thing is indispensable. It is the thermometer that shows the exact temperature outside the window. On various resources, the indicators fluctuate, since deviations are a normal thing in different parts of the city or country. But if you need to know exactly how many degrees it is outside, then you can purchase a temperature meter by clicking on the link.

Thermometer for outdoor use. It has a waterproof outer case and an acrylic dial. Adapts to any temperature fluctuations and climatic conditions. Temperature range -40 to 60°C. Or -40 to 140°F. Has automatic calibration. Also, there is a built-in temperature and humidity sensor. All key indicators are set automatically. works without battery. 180 days quality guarantee.

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Infrared Thermometer

Another extremely important thing, especially for those who like to cook. It can be ordered by clicking on the link.

Infrared thermometer. It features high-precision and multi-point identification. Temperature emissivity signals can be adjusted. It has a built-in color LCD screen. It reflects all the data. Used for surface temperature measurement. For example: grill, oven, frozen food, electric or gas stove. Also used in winemaking, car repair and so on. The range of functionality is huge – from cooking to production.

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