You have guests, or you have a large and friendly family. How to make the evening fun and memorable? The answer is simple: find a game that you like. And it all depends on who loves what.

For example, there are companies that prefer themed tabletop RPGs. There are people who love economic board games or games that involve guessing certain roles that have been given to a person. Let’s look at the TOP 3 of the most famous and loved by all games.

Warhammer 40k

Several people sit down here (conditionally, perhaps up to ten, so that it is convenient to play and distribute roles). A host is selected who invents or voices the story of the selected world in which the events of the game take place. For example, it could be the planet Necromunda, which is popular among Warhammer 40k fans due to the detailed lore and nuances of the behaviour of representatives of a certain guild. Further, each of the participants is given a character card, with the main characteristics prescribed, which are a priority for him. After that, the leader comes up with a story for this hero based on the main description or the situation in which he finds himself. The desktop main travel map unfolds. Each is given action cards, which one must perform based on certain events. But the cards are not pulled out at the request of the player: special dice are thrown, which determine the sequence of choosing a card and the number of moves made. There are two pairs of bones – one for cards, and the other for moving the figure through the cells. The beauty of this game is that people initially do not know what kind of hero they will get and what the story will be.


There are a lot of varieties, types and subspecies of this game. There is, for example, an abbreviated version for a few people, and there is a full, expanded one, involving up to ten to twelve players. In this game, people are divided into: civilians, doctor, policeman or detective, mafia, and, in some versions, maniacs.

Most civilians – five or six people – depending on the number of players. Three people – the mafia, one – a policeman or a detective. One is a doctor. One person is a maniac.

Depending on the chosen roles, people perform conditional actions: the mafia wakes up at night and kills civilians; the detective is looking for the mafia and calculates the maniac; doctor – treats; the maniac also kills; civilians, upon awakening, calculate the mafia.

The beauty of this game is that no one knows who is playing what role. Here, you need to understand who is in your team and who is not.


A very fun game that involves two or more teams. It is very reminiscent of a crocodile, but here you need to direct your partner to the correct answer with indirect words. The team consists of two people, one of whom alternately opens cards with words, and the second, using the tips of his partner, tries to guess the word. The more words a team guesses, the more points it earns.