The choice of food requires special attention when you begin the process of improving your physical fitness. To build a beautiful body, all aspects of lifestyle matter: sleep, exercise, diet, sports supplements. However, they are all interconnected and none will have a positive effect without the other.

We are used to the term “sports nutrition”, but drugs bought in a special store cannot completely replace regular meals. Additives are used to obtain additional elements, since increased loads require appropriate nutrition. This simple diet cannot always provide. For athletes who have recently started regular training, the first two points will be enough. But it will be useful for absolutely everyone to find out what they have managed to invent to improve sports results. Here are the most common tools, the names of which you probably already heard. Also, their characteristics. All this can be bought in the ESN online store.

The most famous sports supplements

They contain protein, which means they mainly work on building muscle tissue and maintaining it. Consuming after a workout promotes good muscle growth. For beginners in the first six months of playing sports, one dose in the morning before breakfast will be enough. These sports supplements can be purchased from the ESN online store.

Slow proteins

These include sports supplements containing casein. They have a similar effect, but a longer effect. They dull the feeling of hunger for a long time and provide the muscles with the necessary amino acids, preventing catabolism. Take before bed to gain muscle mass. For weight loss, it is worth replacing one of the meals with a mixture. Both types of proteins interfere with water, juice, milk. If there are problems with the tolerance of the latter, kefir can be used. This type of supplement can be purchased from the ESN online store.


Powder containing fast-digesting proteins and carbohydrates. Due to the presence of the latter, it is better suited for weight gain than proteins. In addition, it gives energy and promotes recovery after exercise. It is used half an hour before and immediately after training, as well as at night. You can mix with anything, but it is best to use plain water so as not to increase the calorie content of the mixture. This type of supplement can be purchased from the ESN online store.

Amino acids

Essentially, the same as fast proteins, but in a more convenient form – tablets and capsules. They will help you out in the absence of a shaker or serve as additional muscle nutrition during a hypertrophic training program. As a substitute for powders, use 2-3 tablets at a time. In the case of exhausting exercises – 3 tablets twice a day, not excluding the methods of gainer and proteins. It should be noted that when taken on an empty stomach, amino acids can cause discomfort, in which case it is worth trying to consume them with food. This type of supplement can be purchased from the ESN online store.


These are isoleucine, leucine and valine – essential amino acids for the human body. They not only serve to build proteins, but also act as a source of energy. The use of BCAAs increases endurance and speeds up muscle recovery. Effective use of tablets during the drying period, so as not to lose the gained muscle mass, or during endurance training. You need to consume five capsules before and after class, on rest days – 2 tablets with food. This type of supplement can be purchased from the ESN online store.


It is a powerful source of energy for muscle work. Some note a positive effect on strength indicators, others do not feel any effect from taking this sports supplement. Until you try, you won’t know. It is available in both powder and tablet form. It is taken once a day for 2-3 g. You can only dilute the powder version with water. Moreover, it is necessary to drink such a mixture immediately after preparation. In general, you cannot carry this cocktail with you in a shaker. In any case, it is advisable to drink several glasses of water after taking it for more comfortable absorption. This type of supplement can be purchased from the ESN online store.


It is also levocarnitine, we usually get it from meat and milk. Although the tool is often positioned as a fat burner, it is not. This sport supplement indirectly affects the process of fat accumulation. It contributes to the normal transport of fatty acids in cells and their subsequent conversion into energy. It is worth using L-carnitine during endurance and strength training to reduce the load on the heart. Diet pills are ineffective. This type of supplement can be purchased from the ESN online store.


Another amino acid that is released by a large proportion of the content in the human body. Muscles consist of about 60% of it. Also, the element is useful for tissue repair, strengthening immunity and replenishing energy reserves. Recommended for use if you have more than 5 hours of training per week. It is taken twice a day, 15 minutes before breakfast and the last snack. This type of supplement can be purchased from the ESN online store.


We are talking about special sports supplements that can only be purchased in specialized stores. Such as, for example, ESN. Great for use before strength training (half an hour before), increasing energy and mood. You should not abuse them, a maximum of 1-2 times a week. At the same time, half a bottle at the reception will most likely be enough. Just in case, we repeat: the best way to restore strength than sleep has not yet been invented. This type of supplement can be purchased from the ESN online store.

Protein Bars

All the same source of protein and carbohydrates, but in a convenient form. It is used as an intermediate snack between main meals, but no more than 2-3 per day. The effect of satiety lasts for about three hours. This type of supplement can be purchased from the ESN online store.

As for the safety of the use of certain sports supplements, these substances in themselves do not cause harm. The danger lies in the wrong (primarily excessive) use and additional components. Therefore, it is important to carefully study the composition of products and give preference to trusted manufacturers. Go to the ESN online store and order only proven supplements.