Blog Introduction: We’ve all been there, trying to score a great deal on a pair of shoes online or at the local market. But how do you know if they are the real deal or just a knockoff? Well, worry no more! In this article, we’ll share with you tips from the experts at Kickz on how to distinguish original shoes from fake ones.

1. Look for the Details – When spotting fakes, one of the most essential things to check is the details. Real shoes usually have intricate designs and precise stitching. Examine closely the materials used outside and inside the shoes. If the leather feels thin, the stitches are uneven and the sole material looks cheap, then it’s a high probability the shoes aren’t genuine. Always check the logos, labels, and tags carefully. Often, counterfeiters use poor-quality materials to create these brand marks, which can be a dead giveaway to a fake. For original sports shoes visit Kickz.

2. Check the Packaging – Authentic shoes always come in meticulously designed packaging. If the box or packaging looks shoddy and doesn’t match the product you purchased, then the item is probably counterfeit. Always compare the shoe size, model number, and brand name on the box to the label on the shoe to ensure it’s a genuine product.

3. Investigate the Seller – The seller can give you hints to distinguish between fake and real shoes. Research the seller’s reputation online and buy from reputable sources. Check if the seller has a trackable history of selling authentic items. It’s also essential to read reviews from previous customers to check if they received genuine products. If you take a look at the Kickz reviews, you will understand that there you can find original products of the most popular brands.

4. Price Comparison – Authentic shoes are pricey, so if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always check the price with the official store or website. If the price seems too low, beware! Examining the price point can be a great way to start when distinguishing original shoes from fake ones.

5. Smell the Shoes – Real shoes have a distinct smell of newness, and the material smells like leather or cloth. If the shoe smell of chemicals, such as glue, plastic, or rubber, then it’s likely that they are fake. To quickly verify the authenticity of the shoes, try to smell them to know whether it smells like it’s been recently manufactured or not. 

In conclusion, distinguishing original shoes from fake ones is an essential skill, especially for shoe collectors and those who value quality footwear. By following the tips above from Kickz, you can save yourself from buying counterfeit shoes and end up with a pair of genuine and high-quality shoes that will last longer. Remember that authentic shoes are more expensive, but the durability and value they offer make them worth the investment. Next time you’re shopping for shoes, keep our guide handy to ensure you get the real deal!