As you know, each flower has its own meaning, which affects the choice of certain types of plants for a specific event in a person’s life. If we go to a young girl’s birthday party, we will choose one bouquet, for a grandmother’s anniversary we will take completely different flowers. However, in addition to age restrictions, it is worth considering the peculiarities of the culture of the area in which you currently live. Moreover, you need to correctly compose a bouquet so that the meaning is clear. Flowers have their own special language. A similar bouquet can be ordered in Arena Flowers online store.


And so, let’s start with the Middle Kingdom. The most important thing to remember if you decide to go to China is to never give white flowers to anyone. The white inflorescence for the Chinese symbolizes death. Also, mainly Chinese people give each other artificial flowers. This does not mean that the Chinese dislike living plants, but when a living flower is plucked, it will quickly wither, and again will symbolize death.

You can also note the event of a national scale – the festival of peonies. The festival takes place everywhere in all regions of the country. During the festival, numerous fairs and concerts are held, where residents present various works in the form of embroidery or paintings with peonies. Also, young couples like to conclude a family union during the festival. Bouquets of peonies can be ordered in the Arena Flowers online store.


Lily is a very sophisticated flower, a symbol of the French ruling dynasty of monarchs. A flower mentioned in the Song of Songs of King Solomon. Of course, it is the lily that is the generally accepted symbol of France and is most revered among the French. Lily will be an appropriate gift for absolutely anyone at an event of any level.

Scarlet roses are considered a symbol of love and passion, but yellow flowers are a symbol of treason. True, to be honest, it is not entirely clear what is the point of giving yellow flowers if they carry a negative connotation. However, a beautiful bouquet can be made from a combination of white, yellow and velvet roses. They are also called black. So, the florist from Arena Flowers will be able to compose a composition in such a way that yellow roses will perfectly match, for example, with white ones.


For the inhabitants of Tahiti, or rather for women, the best flower gift is the Tiare bud. A huge number of different types of tiare grow in Polynesia, each of which is associated with some old legend. But the most rare is the Tiare Apetahi flower, which grows in only one place on the planet – the top of Mount Tefatua. Unfortunately, due to its rarity, this wonderful plant is now on the verge of extinction. If you are in Tahiti, you can safely give Tiara flowers to the locals, you will definitely not be mistaken, the main thing is not to pluck the buds of the Apetahi plant. Bouquets made by masters of their craft from Arena Flowers will also please the person to whom you give it.


The traditions of flower etiquette in Turkey are not very different from European ones. However, they have several of their own characteristics. So, bouquets of bright red buds are usually given to friends as a sign of good friendship. Moreover, such bouquets can be presented to both women and men. And bouquets from a combination of blue flowers with white, on the contrary, are given in connection with sad events.

It is customary for young immaculate girls to bring closed tulip buds as a gift as a symbol of purity and decency. Married women or ladies of age are given bouquets of roses, chrysanthemums, orchids and other wonderful plants. Bouquets of these flowers can also be ordered from the Arena Flowers online store.


In Japan, they even created their own special language of flowers, called Hanakotoba. Unfortunately, in the modern world, the younger generation of Japanese no longer remembers the meaning of many colors. However, the adult generation does not let the history of their country be forgotten by filming anime and manga that talk about the language of flowers. So from 1979 to the present, the popular TV series “Lulu – Angel of Flowers” ​​has been going on, in each episode of which they talk about the meaning of the plant to which the series is dedicated.

We will give an example of some of the most famous flower meanings from Hanakotoba: a red rose, like a red carnation, means romantic love. The white rose symbolizes innocence and devotion. The meaning of the red tulip is glory. The bell is given as a token of gratitude. And white chrysanthemums, which mean sadness, are usually given for funerals.

In Japan, as in many other Asian countries, it is considered offensive to give cut flowers to a wedding. But unlike the artificial plants favored in China, the Japanese love real flowers in pots.

If for any reason you decide to give cut flowers, the bouquet should have an even number of buds. However, it is forbidden to give 4 buds, this number in Japan is a symbol of death. In Arena Flowers you can also order flowers in pots. This will allow you to enjoy them much longer!

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