Color is a feature of the perception of different waves of light by the eye. Capturing this or that energy influence, the eye transmits information to the brain, where a certain brain center is triggered. It is responsible for various emotions and mental states. What can love for a particular color in clothes tell about a person? How to choose your bow based on your mood and general condition? In this article, together with Stradivarius online store, we will analyze the main features of the influence of color.

How The Color Of Clothes Affects The Psyche?

There are three matrix colors to which a person reacts immediately: red, blue and green. For example, if you want to attract attention, you should dress in red. It is desirable that it be diluted with white – this is a neutral color. It doesn’t really affect the psyche. Green belongs to the same category. Although, it soothes and normalizes high blood pressure. Neurophysiologists and psychologists recommend green clothes for people suffering from hypertension.

  • Returning to the red color: it can positively influence a person due to its stimulating properties. But with prolonged exposure, it has a negative effect. Sometimes it even raises the temperature. 
  • Yellow inspires optimism. The color of cheerfulness, warmth, sun, so it is often used in advertising. 
  • Orange – adjusts to communication, easy rapprochement. 
  • Gray evokes a sense of neatness, restraint. 
  • Purple color can cause feelings of anxiety. For some, it improves performance. 
  • Blue, heavenly color relieves stress, soothes. Blue can reduce the heart rate. 
  • Black helps to concentrate better, avoid many mistakes, and focuses a person’s attention. 
  • Green and white are neutral colors that do not have a strong effect on the human psyche.

If we talk about successful combinations, then we can give an example of Borussia Dortmund. Her colors are black and yellow. The paradox is that this is the most visited club in Europe. The occupancy of the Westfalstadium is 97% throughout the season. That is, the color of the team uniform affects as follows: black – concentration, yellow – optimism. In other words – “concentrate on optimism.” By choosing a similar bow in the Stradivarius online store, you are programming yourself for positive in advance. Moreover, you create a reality around you that is embodied, relating to people.

If you want to get a job, for example, then it is best to choose gray shades. This instills a sense of trust in the professionalism of a person. Gray emphasizes depth. It seems to open and shed light, but not completely. On the one hand, it is the predawn twilight, and on the other hand, it is very early morning. In the first case, this is a mystery, and in the second, the beginning of awakening. If you want to dominate the moment, then Stradivarius offers metallic shades. It is they who program the indisputability of authority.

And if you need to declare superiority, then there is no better combination of black and maroon. It is these colors that symbolize the inaccessibility of the divine flame in mysticism. Items of this color can also be purchased at the Stradivarius online store.

The combination of blue and white, on the contrary, soothe. This, by the way, is very well-used by politicians. Basically, their costumes are blue shades combined with white. These colors pacify and bring emotions to neutral.

The Stradivarius online store will continue to publish articles where colors and shades in clothes will be analyzed in detail.