The history of football is rich in change. Since the appearance of this sport in England, not only its rules have changed, but also the shape of the players. Of course, by modern standards, the players of the past and the century before last looked very funny, but this did not stop them from playing with no less passion. They preferred to wear the most practical things, which were then considered the latest fashion. Espace Des Marques has tried to trace the chronology of the evolution of football uniforms – from the beginning to the present day. Go!

Prototypes Of Football Uniforms In Antiquity

Until the moment when football appeared in the UK, our distant ancestors in all corners of the planet tried to play something similar. On the European continent, competitions that resembled a modern sport were organized by the Celts even before our era. More than a hundred people could participate in their games at the same time. In those days, football players dressed in their usual clothes: tunics and loincloths. The Celts used leather shields as protection. Ancient Indians at such tournaments often wore animal heads. Thus, they tried to intimidate the enemy. In more northern countries, warm casual clothing was considered a sports uniform. In China and Japan, players wore kimonos.

England Is The Birthplace Of Football Uniforms

At the time of the appearance of football, the players performed in long coats and short pants. This proves most of the old paintings and engravings. By the end of the 19th century, the first form was officially documented by the football community. It consisted of four required components: stockings, pants tucked into them, a shirt and a top hat.

These were the words used to describe the appearance of the British Ladies team: The ladies representing the North were dressed in red blouses with white polka dots, loose black breeches, black stockings, red berets, brown leather boots and trousers.

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Historical Innovations: How Has Football Equipment Changed?

The social changes that arose in society contributed to the accelerated development of football. The teams tried to come to a common concept of the appearance of the players and introduce a single uniform. Over the years, football players have replaced shirts with sweaters, and pants with long shorts. Both goalie winter pants and special shorts can be purchased at the Espace Des Marques online store.

In 1904, the Football Association became concerned that the shorts were getting shorter. She introduced the following rule: “soccer shorts must cover the knees of the players.” However, it did not take root because such a length interfered with the speed of the athletes. The natural cotton from which the fabric was sewn became wet with sweat, which made the clothes heavier. Therefore, since the middle of the 20th century, shorts have again become short. In the online store Espace Des Marques you can buy any uniform for playing football.

The main change that turned the sportswear industry upside down is considered to be the invention of synthetic fiber. The form has become as light as possible, practically waterproof both inside and outside.

Since then, football equipment has taken its current form. Companies adidas, Puma, Nike, thanks to modern technologies, strive to make uniforms efficient and also environmentally friendly. In each season, the clothes of any football team are transformed and acquire a bright, memorable style. The uniforms of these manufacturers can be purchased at the Espace Des Marques online store.

The Appearance Of Numbers On The Form

In the late 1930s, numbers appeared on football uniforms. At that time, there were no uniform rules that would determine a specific place on the equipment. Therefore, for some teams, the numbers were located only on the shorts. Over time, the clubs came to one decision: the numbers should be on both shirts and shorts. This was supposed to simplify the work of the judges and be remembered by the fans in the stands. A uniform of any size – both for children and adults – can be ordered at the Espace Des Marques online store.

Boot Evolution: From Massive Studs To Light Coverage

Initially, football players used high heavy boots or boots with a special metal insert as shoes. The use of this equipment often led to injuries. In 1891, football rules were amended to allow the use of spikes, provided they were made of leather and did not protrude more than half an inch. Boots made to these standards can be considered the first footwear dedicated to football.

Great interest in boots began to appear in the 50s of the XX century. The main manufacturer of sports shoes was the Dassler factory, founded by the brothers Adolf and Rudolf. It soon split into Adidas and Puma. The development of the football clothing industry has been rapid. In just a few years, most professional clubs provided their players with quality boots. At the end of the 20th century, the era of shoes made from artificial materials began. This made it possible to paint it in different colors and save production time.

Currently, the creation of boots has become an art. Players can choose the design of the shoes themselves and participate in the production of limited editions. Boots from the most famous manufacturers can be ordered from the Espace Des Marques online store.