In this article, wewill continue to talk about the best women’s fragrances. In general, in order to please their chosen one, men very often give perfume. At the same time, they do this before a serious relationship began. There are a lot of misses and mistakes associated with this. But there are some useful tips from Blissim to help you choose the right perfume.

Order several types of perfume, but in a small volume for your chosen one. What she likes the most, then order. So you can experiment on an ongoing basis. At the same time, a good collection of perfume will accumulate.

Women are obsessed with smells. Especially the good ones. Note to yourself which ones your girlfriend likes. For example, you can inadvertently look into a perfume store, and order the one you like in Blissim.

Note to yourself her age and character traits. If this is a girl under 25, more floral-berry-fruity fragrances are needed for everyday use. Niche – for evening outings.

Black Opium fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent

This powerful and rich oriental spicy fragrance is the most famous creation of the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. Real gourmets will definitely appreciate it. It feels like the aroma of strong coffee with spices. It evokes associations with a cozy French coffee shop and a tête-à-tête date. Or with the cycle of Shahirizada’s fairy tales – 1000 and 1 night. This is heavy artillery. He obviously cannot be overdone. This smell seems to say: “Don’t rush, we have everything ahead of us…” Blissim recommends enjoying it in small drops. After all, good coffee is not drunk in one gulp. And sweet halvah is not eaten in large pieces.

Perfume Givenchy L’Interdit

The opposite of the previous perfume is a daring and deep woody-floral composition. It is an elusive play of contrasts. The tenderness and elegance of white flowers are intertwined in the fragrance with a dark accord. It gives the opportunity to enjoy the forbidden fruit. And don’t try to fight the temptation! This is a provocation and a promise. Sweetness and bitterness. The heat of the flame from the fireplace, warming and languishing. Blissim recommends this fragrance for passionate girls and women. There is a burning heat inside them that needs to be released. On them, from will be very organic and naturally emphasize their sexuality.

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Nuit fragrance

And this perfume is a reflection of the hypnotic essence of the night. She is a succubus. Her gaze penetrates directly into the soul, bewitching and attracting. She comes under the cover of the aroma of juicy mandarin and tart blackcurrant leaf, then – blue chamomile opens in an aura of seductive jasmine and sensual heliotrope. And in the loop, the captivating sweetness of vanilla, patchouli and musk will be clearly heard. All this is complemented by warm overtones of sandalwood and tonka beans. This perfume can also be purchased from the Blissim online store.

Passion for fragrances is inherent in the very nature of man. And we choose our life partner precisely by smell, and not by anthropometric data. Therefore, a good perfume is 50% of success in society!