It is a fact that men and women perceive fragrances differently. In this regard, they are on different planets. But it turns out that the differences are manifested not only in psychology, but also in the perception of aromas! What kind of perfume do men like?

We present the top best women’s perfume according to men from the Blissim online store. Go!

J’adore Christian Dior fragrance

Feminine and elegant floral-fruity fragrance from the first breath captivates with its sweetness and romantic mood. Top fruity notes of peach, mandarin, melon and pear are complemented by exotic magnolia and the same mandarin. It smoothly leads to a real floral firework, consisting of aromas of jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, orchid, freesia and violet. These perfumes excite men. Firstly, according to the confessions of some of them, they resemble the smell of Christmas. Just the smell of citrus associated with it. The peach is a symbol of sexuality, and the flowers are of innocence. It is these transitions that provoke the corresponding figurative series. So, this version of perfume is almost a win-win. It can be ordered from the Blissim online store. Of course, this is the fragrance of youth and is more suitable for girls from 17 to 25-26 years old. This is due to the fact that it is in this skin that is most in harmony with the J’adore Christian Dior bouquet. In general, each age has its own flavor. This is the law.

Perfume L’Extase Nina Ricci

Another impressive perfume featured in Blissim. This sweet oriental fragrance is designed to dazzle and bewitch. Amber and caramel, flowing smoothly into rose and jasmine. Then peach and pear open, turning into vanilla and musk. The ensemble is completed by pink pepper and patchouli – the notes succeed each other, not allowing the spell to dissipate. Noble and expensive, thick and alluring, it openly declares sexuality and undeniable attractiveness. This is a perfume for more mature women. Suitable for women from 25 to 35 years old. We would not recommend it to younger girls. Still, L’Extase Nina Ricci is quite pretentious and provocative.

Jeu d’Amour Félin Kenzo

A stunningly beautiful oriental fragrance available from Blissim. It emphasizes sexuality, grace and invites to a love game. Again, it is worth noting that it suits girls from 22-23 years old. This is due to the special work of the endocrine system. It is the chemical composition of the blood that reveals all the aromas on the body.

But if we talk in detail, then Jeu d’Amour Félin Kenzo is really very attractive. It beckons with fruity notes of strawberry and clementine. Then – brings down on the man a waterfall of peony flowers, jasmine and tuberose. It captivates with an amber-musky trail with gentle notes of patchouli.

Fragrance Mon Guerlain Guerlain

If we talk about a pronounced aroma, then we draw attention to Mon Guerlain. It’s not for everyone, but it’s kind of an ode to lavender. Designed for connoisseurs of impeccably composed fragrances. Soft and delicate lavender surrounded by iris, rose and jasmine sambac melts imperceptibly. At the same time, giving way to a spicy-sweet plume of vanilla, coumarin, sandalwood and patchouli. This is already a mature and grown-up fragrance that will not suit everyone.

In general, perfume, as practice shows, is a delicate matter. And if you specifically like some kind of perfume, this does not mean that it is suitable. And vice versa: the one that you don’t like will organically open up on your skin. Everything needs to be tested and verified.