Accessories only at first glance seem to be an insignificant detail of the wardrobe. By neglecting them, metalheads make a mistake. Every detail in the outfit is extremely important. It is the accessories that distinguish a real connoisseur of heavy music from a fashionista in a leather jacket. Their presence makes the image complete and complete. Only thematic and hard rock specific things can indicate that you are deeply versed in the topic.

What About The Look?

Rock is not only music, but also another, very special, state of mind. This style is preferred by creative people who crave a vibrant life, rich emotions. It’s safe to say that, for example, Manowar fans are people who respect and appreciate the military theme. And some of them believe that they were born at the wrong time. Their place is at the feast table of the Vikings, in battle formation or drakkar. This is a special culture and atmosphere that is present not only in the concert hall, but also in everyday life. Today you can meet an informal individualist not only on the streets of the metropolis. Rock paraphernalia is a kind of indicator of a developed intellect and good taste. And no wonder, since the basis of a rock ballad is good poetry set to excellent music.

Thematic accessories allow you to show your involvement in the rock-lovers caste, as well as reveal your individual style that lives inside any creative person. This is the cry of the soul, its anthem and ballad. Unlike fashionable and modern styles of music, heavy metal knows its worth and does not accept falsehood and insincerity. Everything here is without compromises and half-measures, expressed in the songs of Pink Floyd and AS / DS. The brutality of Rammstein and the melodic genius of Scorpions.

But accessories can be very different. For example, you can put your favourite tattoo on a T-shirt or other clothes. That is, a kind of compromise for people who do not want any images on their bodies. Thus, you can both emphasize your individuality and purchase themed clothes that look very cool.

These things are perfect for girls. Leather dresses with a non-standard pattern on the back or chest perfectly emphasize the figure and give a stunning look. It looks especially good and unusual on women who constantly follow a certain dress code. This creates, in the good sense of the word, cognitive-perceptual dissonance: you begin to perceive a person differently.

In general, such accessories produce a very strong effect. They are associated with archetypal images of the dark masculine and feminine. Chthonic gods that define the essence of each individual nation. For example, Mórrígan – the Great Lady of Ravens – the Celtic goddess of war in Irish mythology. By the way, she is a bright symbol of classic heavy metal.

A good accessory that emphasizes your individuality is a real rarity and good fortune that should not be missed!