Sunglasses are not only a fashionable attribute, but also a necessary prevention of retinal burnout. Protection from direct UV rays and vulnerable skin around the eyes. Moreover, sunglasses help to avoid premature wrinkles on the face. They are essential for drivers to avoid being blinded while driving. Athletes and tourists who spend a lot of time in the sun also need an appropriate attribute. Glasses are needed not only during summer holidays, but also at ski resorts. During sunny days, ultraviolet light is reflected from the snow. It also affects the sensitivity of the retina. Therefore, it is very important to have high-quality sunglasses.

What are the benefits of sunglasses?

The main enemy of vision is ultraviolet, it is blocked by sunglasses, and saves your eyes from its harmful effects. Since the clouds do not interfere with ultraviolet radiation, it is useful to wear them at any time during the daylight hours of spring, summer or autumn.

Even if you do not take radiation into account, excessively bright light in itself is harmful to the retina. It causes discomfort and even headaches. In this case, the benefits of wearing sunglasses are undeniable. They will take the strain off your eyes and make you feel comfortable on the street.

The sensitive skin around the eyes, protected by lenses, is not exposed to direct rays, and the mucous membrane of the eye itself is not irritated. You don’t have to constantly squint. These factors reduce the risk of premature wrinkles, which are called “crow’s feet”.

Even a weak wind can raise dust, and if it intensifies, then small pebbles, twigs and other objects begin to fly in the air. They can damage your eyes. By protecting them with sunglasses, you can not be afraid of injury from small debris or sand brought by the wind.

Sunglasses are also a fashion item. Appearance is important not only for women, but also for men. A stylish accessory is an integral part of the image. It allows you to gain self-confidence.

Choose your sunglasses carefully. It all depends on the conditions in which you will wear them and for how long. If they are picked incorrectly or used for other purposes, they can bring obvious discomfort or even harm vision. Therefore, it is very critical to know which sunglasses will be useful to wear in your particular case.

Also, you need to pay attention to the degree of darkening. Some brands refer to this indicator as a colour filter category. Sunglasses have 5 degrees of darkening, and for each case it is necessary to select the appropriate category:

0 – image. They can be worn indoors or on cloudy days;

1 – suitable for spring and autumn, when the sun’s rays are not too bright;

2 – designed for daily wear in the city in clear weather;

3 – appropriate for relaxing on the beach, where the ultraviolet is quite strong;

4 – suitable for wearing near water or in the mountains, where the brightness of the sun is enhanced by reflection from the snow and water surface.

But you should understand that for reliable eye protection, you do not just need to wear darker sunglasses. Lenses must necessarily have a special coating. It blocks ultraviolet radiation. It should be at least UV380, but UV400 is better.

Thanks to the coating that blocks UV rays, sunglasses are excellent for the eyes.

For people who drive a car or fishermen, as well as those who are planning a holiday by the water or at a ski resort, it is better to choose glasses with an additional polarizing coating. It perfectly blocks horizontal rays of light, that is, glare from the surface of water or snow, making the image clearer and more contrasting.

Pick the right sunglasses based on your situational needs.