Comfort during sleep depends on several factors. And pajama material is one of the main aspects. What should pajamas look like? Undoubtedly fashionable. To please the soul and give positive emotions. Beautiful? Definitely. After all, it is unlikely that you will want to put on an incomprehensible rag of an unattractive color and with an even less attractive cut. But that’s not the point. Pajamas should be comfortable to ensure maximum peace and comfort. But this is where problems arise. How not to make a mistake when choosing which fabric is best for pajamas, and which of the available options to give preference to? There are countless questions, and each of them needs an answer. Let’s try to understand all these subtleties in more detail with Oodie.

Important Nuances

First, you need to decide on the category of fabric. There is a wide choice of fabrics of natural or artificial origin on the market. When choosing pajamas, you should pay attention to the material so that it is not 100% made of synthetic fibers. Sleeping in such clothes is unlikely to succeed. But discomfort is guaranteed. Synthetics completely delay the air going to the skin, and in the morning you will not be cheerful and in a good mood, but a headache and nervousness.

But absolutely natural material is not a way out. Keep in mind that pajamas are clothes that are often washed. And after the first wash, it will definitely lose its first shape. Moreover, the price-quality ratio will not play in its favor. In other words, cotton or silk must be diluted, for example, with polyester. This option has a small percentage of synthetics. This results in excellent tactile performance. No complaints about shape retention or air circulation. And washing Oodie’s pajamas made from these materials is not a hassle.

What material is the best for summer pajamas?


This fabric creates a feeling of coolness and is ideal for use in the warm season. The basis well passes air, but its relation to moisture is simultaneously extremely negative. Not the best choice for the category of users who are prone to excessive sweating;


The wool base is warm enough and allows you to enjoy maximum comfort during sleep. Excellent thermoregulatory performance is complemented by problem-free air passage in the required volume. Therefore, such pajamas are good not only in winter, but also in summer. But washing such pajamas is possible only manually. And this must be remembered;


Good fabric with excellent thermal conductivity and excellent tactile performance. It’s often used in Oodie’s clothes. An excellent choice for use at any time of the year without any serious restrictions. Such pajamas keep warm, but exclude overheating of the body. Yes, and washing is no problem. And during the entire service life of pajamas;


The ideal solution if there is the slightest hint of certain allergic reactions. The hypoallergenic base is complemented by a soft and delicate structure to ensure optimal thermoregulation of the skin. Even after a long period, bamboo pajamas retain their original strength and attractiveness;


An excellent option for a number of parameters at once. The material absorbs moisture well, there are no problems with the passage of air, and the body in such pajamas “breathes”. Although, a certain stiffness of linen can create some discomfort during sleep. This is a great option for both winter and summer.

Naturally, the fabric is the main component of any good pajamas, like Oodie’s. And the look, style and size are a matter of taste and anthropometric data. It is worth mentioning separately that the summer version is significantly different from the winter one. But this does not negate the fact of high-quality material and cut of clothing for sleep!