It’s getting colder… In the morning, going out into the street, the first manifestations of seasonal changes are already felt. Although in the middle of the day, the weather is still quite excellent.

Yes. Summer has passed like one day, which means that you should make sure that your wardrobe is ready for the coming cold. By the way, this can be done by clicking on the link to the Rotita online store.

Couturiers are just now forming the most interesting trends and trends. This can be clearly seen in the main design ideas of various brands and fashion houses.

But you also need to take into account the factor that everyone selects an image for himself individually. This happens precisely because there are various anthropometric data. Hue and color of skin, eyes, hair are different. Therefore, if white color suits one girl or woman, then it can visually fill the second one. Therefore, you need to adhere to the golden rule: we cover the shortcomings with the dark, and highlight the virtues with the white. For example: the pants are blue or dark gray, and the blouse is white. Over – a jacket of the same color. Visually, the waist becomes smaller, and the chest – more. Clothes of any colors and shades can be ordered in the Rotita online store.

Urban Style

If we are talking about the urban style, then you need to understand that it does not have a certain framework. Of course, if this is office work, the dress code of the company is maintained. But even here there are some peculiarities and nuances. For example, a long dress with a blouse and a jacket in dark colors looks great. At the same time, they must be emphasized with white or light-colored shoes. It can be both sneakers and boots. An excellent combination is a gray business suit for women with white sneakers without unnecessary decorations and rhinestones. You can choose clothes for this image in the Rotita online store.

Sporty Style

You can try to combine jeans, a sports sweatshirt and sneakers. A light coat is thrown over the top. This is very common and convenient. But, the problem is that it is not quite suitable for office work. Although, if you are employed in the field of IT, this is definitely your choice. Convenient, simple, but at the same time expensive, stylish and “tasty”. By the way, everything you need can be ordered in the Rotita online store.

Business Style

Conservative, strict, but no less attractive. The expression “devils are found in still waters” is applicable to it. No wonder, psychologists say that a woman in a business suit attracts much more attention. This is primarily because a mystery arises in the image. Moreover, business style on a subconscious level stabilizes the human psyche. Increases the level of discipline and performance. But, at the same time, the level of attractiveness and sexuality. This is due to the color and perception of a particular image. This season, all strict colors are preferred – from blue, black and dark gray to brown and white. Classics – a light gray suit, a pink shirt and light-brown shoes are a win-win option. You can choose clothes for any look in the Rotita online store.

Style Casual

It is one of the most requested styles for both women and men. Of course, there are also trends here. For example:

  • top – white shirt, light gray vest and jacket;
  • bottom – dark jeans and brown high boots or dress shoes.

Of course, it still goes great with white sneakers.

Also, it will be relevant to combine a suit with a Norwegian sweater. It looks extremely impressive. However, clothes for any look can be ordered from the Rotita online store.

You can talk long and hard regarding various images. But you cannot take and stupidly copy someone else’s style. Create your own and be the creators of your style! And the Rotita online store will help with this!