Winter shoes require special attention both when choosing and in everyday care. It must correspond in terms of reliability to the region of intended operation. At the same time, be comfortable and meet the aesthetic preferences of the owner. Match with different wardrobe accessories. First of all, you need to understand that nothing is better than leather, suede, special fabric and fur. This is because these materials are the most resistant to deformation. They are the easiest to take care of. If stored properly, leather shoes can last a very long time. There are different types of ankle boots that are presented in the Clarks online store. But the basic definition is this: semi-boots are a type of footwear that has an elongated bootleg. To a large extent, it closes the calf joint.

This type of footwear has been considered the most versatile for many years. It is successfully combined with various types of outerwear and accessories for it. Well-chosen models of Clarks semi-boots allow you to feel comfortable in any weather.

They are most popular in winter, especially in snowy and frosty areas. The requirements for this type of footwear are the highest. The material for their manufacture should be distinguished by increased reliability and high performance. The most important criterion: high frost and moisture resistance. The sole of shoes of this type, along with elasticity, must have anti-slip properties.

Consider the main types of winter boots Clarcks:

  • everyday for walking in insulated winter clothes;
  • footwear for tourism and other sports purposes.

According to the manufacturing method:

  • adhesive;
  • stitched;
  • combined.

The warmest types of Clarks shoes are used for everyday wear and travel purposes. In this case, as a rule, products made of natural thick leather or dense types of fabric are used. They are complemented from the inside with natural fur. Insulated shoes are complemented by the strongest and thickest soles. They have increased resistance to low temperatures and anti-slip properties. As a rule, such soles of Clarks shoes have a deeply grooved surface.

According to the type of materials used, any shoes can be:

  • natural;
  • artificial;
  • combined from natural and artificial raw materials.

Currently, artificial materials have good performance characteristics. But in difficult climatic conditions – severe frosts and high humidity – natural ones are still preferred – leather, fur and woolen fabrics. At the same time, the soles for Clarks half boots began to be made from high-strength polymers. They have increased resistance to frost, high loads and slip.

If we talk about the selection criteria, they are as follows:

  • when choosing any footwear, it is necessary to determine the conditions for its further operation and the intended style of clothing;
  • take into account the quality of leather and fur dressing (this is very important);
  • reliability of fastening of the material and the fastener;
  • color uniformity;
  • the inside of the boots should not have any pronounced scars and seams;
  • the sole must be resistant to kinks, and also have a strong adhesive connection or a stitched welt with the boot body.

The best quality shoes can be found at the Clarks online store. It is made from the best material and meets all the highest requirements.