Sports clothing is one of the most popular clothing styles among teenagers and active people. Sports style liberates, gives comfort, allows you to feel comfortable, fashionable and confident.

Both sports style for girls and sports style for women are based on certain fashion trends. Sportswear always remains at the height of fashion and never loses its relevance.

Many people confuse sportswear with sportswear. Sportswear is only part of the sporty style. In fact, sports style covers a lot of stylistic trends.

Sports style trends are borrowed directly from certain sports. The habitual sports uniform of athletes has played in a new way in the ordinary life of almost every person.

It’s no secret that the majority have things in a sporty style. Such things are always relevant and you can wear them almost everywhere, with the exception of only some places where the sporty style is inappropriate. By the way, on the Tikiboo website you can order clothes specifically for sports style.

Sports Clothing Style 2022-2023: Features And Specifications

First of all, when choosing clothes in a sports style, you need to remember that you can not only play sports in it.

Both active young people and older people choose a sporty style of clothing because of the freedom of movement, versatility and unobtrusive styles.

Sports style items are made of soft and elastic materials, natural or semi-synthetic fabrics.

Due to the versatility and diversity, things in this direction can be combined and combined in the most interesting variations. Sports style has many varieties that make your wardrobe as comfortable as possible. You can pick up the best things on the Tikiboo website.

Sports Clothing and Casual Style

The main feature of this subspecies of sports style is slight negligence, thought out to the smallest detail.

Youth casual style implies the presence in your wardrobe of always comfortable jeans, simple trousers, light blouses, shoes with small heels. If we look at the casual style for choosing more festive sets, then there are pretty cute casual dresses. They have an average length, as well as skirts of a straight or trapezoidal silhouette.

Girls who dress in a sporty style are very fond of complementing their look with small rectangular handbags in a variety of colors. Great things specifically for sports casual can be ordered on the Tikiboo website.

Urban sports clothing 2022-2023

For the sports style of clothes of urban girls and women, a calmer color scheme is characteristic. It is characterized by loose-fitting clothing and flat-soled shoes. An obligatory accessory is large and soft bags.

Women who choose urban sports style lead an active lifestyle. They are very mobile, purposeful in their actions and decisions. On Tikiboo you can find the widest variety of sportswear for women.

Sportswear in a jockey style

Sports style in a jockey manner will rightfully be able to compete for the right of superiority even with a business style, because jockey motives are quite appropriate for going to the office, attending informal events.

A woman in jockey style looks very sexy, confident and mysterious at the same time.

The most common clothing for a jockey-style woman is a fitted jacket and tight-fitting trousers or breeches. High boots and matching hat.

In terms of color shades, brown, green, gray colors prevail here.

Sports style 2022-2023 military

The style trends of the military sports direction are characterized by military motives.

Girls and women dressing in military style prefer strict forms, lace-up boots, stand-up collars, and breeches.

The military style is characterized by the same colors as the military uniform – these are mainly grass and brown shades.

The military style is characterized by strictness and tact, so you can easily wear a set in this style to work if there is no dress code where you work.

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