Sport chic is a clothing style formed by mixing sports and romantic and / or business styles. The relevance of this style is due to its compliance with macro trends in the fashion industry: democracy, naturalness, convenience. Sport chic will remain in trend for a long time, as more and more people choose convenience and simplicity. Moreover, it allows you to combine seemingly incompatible things. For example, a red knitted suit with white sneakers and a black fur coat. Or: a gray business suit, white sneakers and a long red down jacket. By the way, all the necessary things can be ordered on the website Follow the pinned link!

The sport-chic style has no inviolable rules and restrictions. On the one hand, this is a plus, there is a field for experiments. On the other hand, there is a danger of overdoing it with eclecticism. How to fit sportswear into everyday looks so as not to look like a “city crazy”?

The algorithm for collecting a harmonious image: we take things in a sporty style and complicate them a little with the help of things from a romantic or business style. For example, take drawstring sweatpants and add a jacket, t-shirt and sneakers to them. Important: to make the image aesthetic, we use simple things of a concise form. Ordinary things will look complex and interesting together, modern and relevant in an urban way. Any of them can be ordered at Follow the pinned link!

The main characteristics of sport chic:

– multi-layered;

– slight negligence and relaxation;

– mixing invoices;

– mixing colors;

– bright accents;

– mixing with other styles (for example, you can add a leather jacket or a cashmere coat);

– well-groomed appearance (hair + make-up).

Characteristic colors:

– black;

– white;

– bright saturated colors.

Important: do not confuse things in sports style and things for sports. We leave running shoes and leggings in a sports bag. We take things that have the characteristics of 2 styles. For example, consider joggers. Despite the fact that joggers are designed for sports, the models shown in the photo may not be suitable for their intended purpose due to the uncharacteristic texture of the fabric, fit, or have interesting features such as colors.


– color block;

– stripes;

– sports inscriptions.

Basic things:

– jeans;

– sweatpants;

– Polo shirt;

– crop top;

– sweatshirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, bomber jacket;

– sneakers or sneakers;

– shoes with heels.


– original shape sunglasses;

– backpack;

– belt bag;

– baseball cap;

– stockings or socks;

– bright clutch.

Conclusion: sport chic is a great find for active girls and women. This style will definitely not go out of fashion in the coming seasons. All items in this style can be ordered at Follow the pinned link!