Solar-powered technology has long ceased to be a curiosity. It is already an integral part of both the household and the culture. The advantages are obvious: autonomy and energy savings. In this article, we will give 10 main recommendations for people who decide to purchase them. By the way, this can be done in the Coopers online store.

In short and simply, the lamp accumulates sunlight during the day, and at night uses it to illuminate the area. He does this thanks to the presence of the following elements:

  • the solar panel is the heart of the lamp, where the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy takes place;
  • the battery stores energy during the day to release it at night;
  • LED lamp—a direct source of light, and it can give both cold and warm glow, and there are lamps with alternating color change;
  • the controller controls the operation of the lamp, charging and discharging the battery. A high-quality controller is a guarantee that the battery will work well;
  • body and fasteners. This is an important point, since the correct installation is 50% of the efficiency of the equipment. In the Coopers online store, you can order both lamps and accessories for them.

In addition, there may be a light sensor, due to which the lamp itself turns on at dusk. If there is no such sensor, then all devices will have to be turned on and off manually. A motion sensor can also be useful. In the Coopers online store, you can order everything you need for high-quality installation and operation of fixtures.

Flashlights use small batteries. Therefore, they accumulate energy sufficient to glow for 8-10 hours. But this is subject to a long sunny day. This period will be much shorter, and in autumn and winter the nights will be much longer. In this case, lamps with a motion sensor will be a salvation. LED service life. Up to 60 thousand hours. But the battery may need to be replaced much sooner. However, everything you require for trouble-free operation can always be ordered in the Coopers online store.


Solar garden lights have many advantages:

  • saving electricity because they produce it themselves;
  • ease of installation. It is not necessary to connect the lamps to the mains. Many products are easy enough to dig into the ground, it will take a few minutes;
  • mobility. If desired, the lamp can simply be installed in another place, changing the lighting scheme of the garden. It is just as easy to collect them all and fold them for winter storage;
  • a wide range of. On sale, it is easy to find lamps of different sizes and shapes. There are such original products that such lighting will become not only a functional element, but also decorative;
  • most of the lamps themselves turn on and off, reacting to a change in the level of illumination;
  • durability, subject to the purchase of a quality product;
  • safety;
  • environmental friendliness because the lamp does not need electricity, which means that it is not necessary to use coal, gas, or the power of nuclear reactors.

If you look at the sales statistics and at numerous domestic dachas, you can come to the conclusion that the shortcomings of people are not particularly frightening, and the main advantages—cost-effectiveness and ease of installation—ensured crazy popularity with this device. And the best solar-powered lights can be found at the Coopers online store.

Types of Solar Lamps

All lamps can be divided into two large groups:

  • for lighting parks and streets. These are huge lanterns with large solar panels. In fact, these are miniature solar power plants used on roads, in parks and on the streets of advanced cities;
  • for illumination of a country house. In this category, streetlamps are distinguished. They are larger (but not always) and more powerful stream of light. Garden lamps, which have, rather, a decorative function. Both types can be purchased from the Coopers online store.

Depending on the location, solar-powered lamps are of the following types:

  • bollards – lanterns on poles. Used to illuminate garden paths and lawns;
  • hanging and wall lamps are mounted on fences, walls, and poles. Used for functional and decorative lighting;
  • lawn lamps are small. They are used to illuminating rockeries, alpine slides, paths, and other relief elements;
  • built-in lamps are mounted in stairs, garden paths and platforms. Create a soft light that facilitates movement in the dark;
  • lamps for decorating flower beds are distinguished by an almost transparent body. He makes them invisible in the daytime;
  • luminaires for ponds can be floating and designed for underwater installation. Both of them look very impressive and allow you to highlight a pool, pond or stream;
  • garland lamps are used to decorate the crowns of trees, shrubs. And also, for the decoration of verandas, arbors, and terraces;
  • decorative lamps in the form of animals, stones, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons. They serve as an ornament during the daytime and are beneficial at night.

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