Flowers create an atmosphere in the house! Imagine one room with flowers and another without them. The first looks more advantageous and people will be more likely to be in this particular room. Here the air is cleaner, and the atmosphere is more pleasant, and it is easier to think.

How to Pick the Best Flowers?

The main disadvantage of flowers is that they have a pronounced seasonality. But this is the best way to wish your other half a happy anniversary, birthday or other holiday. In order to give or order seasonal flowers, you need to know their features. When they gain their strength and beauty.

For example, in the summer you can give wild flowers. They refresh, make the space more open and rich in aromas. It is not for nothing that perfumers actively use the notes of these plants, as they are incredibly strong and at the same time subtly reveal themselves in combination with each other. Of the garden flowers, the most popular are roses, peonies, and at the end of summer – asters.

It is worth noting that each flower has its own history. Moreover, each species has its subspecies. For example, if we take into account the rose, then there is a wild rose, which, according to various estimates, has 500 varieties. Do not forget about shrub roses – garden and wild – there are more than 400 species and varieties. And if we talk about varietal roses that were bred as a result of selection, suitable for cutting and planting in the garden, then there are more than 30,000 species.

Autumn is a generous and rich in flowers time. It’s harvest season. It’s not that hot anymore, but it’s not cold either. The most popular: gladioli, asters, dahlias, chrysanthemums, zinnias. Their bright colouring and aroma pleases the sense of smell and sight. It helps to come to terms with the idea that a cold, dank time will soon come, where everything will be gray and lifeless, but this does not need to be sad, because spring always comes after winter.

In December, January and February, flowers that are grown in warmer countries come to the rescue. Particularly popular are plants from Ecuador and Kenya, where chrysanthemums, orchids, tulips, and gerberas are cultivated. And buying home bouquets of roses at this time refreshes the house, gives it life and fire. Red, yellow and pink roses look especially good at this time of year.

In spring, nature begins to awaken. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year, when we watch the birth of a new life. It all starts, of course, with flowers. Snowdrops are the first to break through the ground, which mark a new stage in life. Lilies of the valley, daffodils and tulips are blooming, which reflect all stages of this season – from cool and a little more winter weather in March to warm and gentle in May.

Flowers are a hymn to life, happiness and health. Reflection of the state of the earth, its wealth, which it shares with us!