The trend to travel on a honeymoon is rapidly gaining momentum. And all because the honeymoon trip will allow you to enjoy each other and get a lot of unforgettable impressions. For this, you don’t feel sorry for any money, because the impressions will remain with you for a lifetime in the form of vivid memories and colorful photographs. This is an opportunity to enjoy each other. Imagine: no one bothers you. You can make all your deepest desires come true. And to make them a reality, follow the link to the EIS website and order toys for adults.

Island Honeymoon

The brightest, most interesting, eventful vacation awaits on the islands. This pleasure cannot be called cheap, but many people prefer to save money on a wedding by arranging a modest celebration only “for their own”. But, at the same time, afford a great vacation abroad. This allows the couple to get even closer and get to know each other even better. And to add variety, go to the EIS website and buy helpful gadgets.


Well, who does not dream of a honeymoon trip to the Maldives. The lucky ones whose wedding fell on dates from January to April can buy tickets with pleasure. It was during this period that the holiday season is in full swing on the island. If you want to save money, go on vacation in the spring, although the weather is changeable, rains and strong winds do not yet excite the island.

Wedding tours are distinguished by the fact that the newlyweds are provided with the best room, specially prepared for the meeting of a married couple. Do not deny yourself anything—sign up for exciting excursions and enjoy spending time together on relaxing procedures. It can be SPA and steam baths, various types of massage and thalassotherapy. Also, the atmosphere is conducive to getting to know each other deeper. And to make it as comfortable and safe as possible, buy everything you need in the EIS online store.


If you dream of kilometers of snow-white beaches, a high level of service, a relaxed and relaxing holiday, then the question of where to go on a honeymoon is decided by itself. Of course, the Seychelles. The most beautiful photographs of local beaches fascinate the spirit. Anyone can be part of this story. Feel what heaven on earth is like. This place is just made for two. Here you can feel the depth and love. But for the most fun, order what you need on the EIS website.


For driving and energetic, it is recommended to look at tours to Cuba. Wedding tourism is so widespread here that there are a lot of proposals for organizing a turnkey celebration. Azure sea and white sand, exotic landscapes and everything just for you.

If it seems that a vacation on a remote island without the Internet can be boring, believe me, this is far from being the case. Various water activities, romantic restaurants, excursions to natural attractions will make your pastime rich and varied. Cuba has always been famous for its temperament, which can be felt with all skin. Here attraction awakens with renewed vigor. It rolls with the warm waves of the Caribbean Sea… And to fully experience the passionate depth of Cuba, go to the EIS website. Here you will find everything you require for adult games.

The EIS online store wishes you happiness in your family life and reminds you that marriage is freedom of choice. But it requires a responsible approach!