The legendary fashion house Paco Rabanne released in 2016 a new variation of Lady Million called Prive. This is a very special fragrance: bright, eccentric, a little frivolous, but seductive and sexy. It is fraught with shades of ardent passion, inner fire and sexuality. It reflects the dark side of hidden human desires, something that cannot be talked about. Furthermore, it can only be shown with a barely noticeable gesture, a look or a slight smile. This is the smell of female excitement, when you can’t stop – there is no way back – you can only add speed!

Men have always looked with admiration at brave women. This courage is akin to the one that was demonstrated by the wives, sisters and daughters of the city of Weissberg, besieged in the 12th century by Conrad III, emperor of the Roman Empire. When the emperor allowed the women to go out and take out the most valuable thing, he was amazed to see that they were dragging their wounded husbands on their shoulders. Ahead of the procession was the young Duchess of Guelph … Conrad had no choice but to end the war in peace.

Tell Me More About This Aroma…

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Prive is about struggle, sweetness and bitterness. The flame of uncontrollable passion that flares up in confrontation. On the other hand, this is the sweetness of an oriental fairy tale, which is covered with the aroma of coffee and hookah. Relaxed bliss of lovemaking, which was covered with gentle waves after a raging storm. This is a reward for a long and hard struggle, which is showered with gold of pleasure.

Lady Million Prive opens up distant spaces and gives a new sensual world that embraces woody notes and orange blossom. Keeps in a languid captivity to the last drop of perfume. Lady Million Prive is a personal success secret where only a woman knows the outcome of a passionate game called love.

A magnificent interweaving of radiant flowers of heliotrope, burning, thick vanilla and raspberry open the door to a magical world. Final notes of cocoa beans, sweet honey and bright patchouli leaves play the final chords of this symphony. This magical combination warms with a wave of warmth and, like a drug, captivates in its embrace. Life in pursuit of gold continues and Lady Million Prive by Paco Rabanne is your personal trophy!

If you want to know the depth of your essence and open up to this beautiful world, then this fragrance is for you. Of course, it will sound different for every woman. Lady Million Prive emphasizes the energy that prevails. it can be a thirst for struggle and a passion that breaks out from within. Or maybe tenderness and affection. Or a completely third option: contrast – from bright sexuality to affectionate tenderness.

But what’s for sure, Paco Rabanne Lady Million Prive will not leave anyone indifferent!