Souvenir products in corporate style are a great way to please colleagues or partners with a useful gift. This is a good way to unobtrusively advertise your company.

Souvenirs can be very different: from a cup and an organizer to an apron, it all depends on the budget and goals. We are engaged in printing any on any surface from cups to hoodies and sweatshirts. We apply a pattern to ready-made products, such as T-shirts, and we can make some types of souvenirs ourselves. All this can be ordered in the Latostadora online store.

We develop and create souvenirs for promotions, tastings and corporate holidays. We also apply drawings and inscriptions on caps, branded clothes, exclusive items.

Souvenir types:

  • t-shirts;
  • baby clothes;
  • cups;
  • labels;
  • iPhone cases;
  • sweatshirts;
  • diaries and organizers;
  • calendars;
  • notebooks.

All this can be ordered in the Latostadora online store.

T-Shirt Printing

Quality application on T-shirts from Latostadora is perfect:

  • as a business advertisement; 
  • If you print clothes with company logos, you can attract potential buyers. Thus, they create a uniform for employees of restaurants, fitness centers and shopping boutiques.
  • For PR events. In this case, it is beneficial to order a large batch of products from Latostadora so that the price is as affordable as possible;
  • Like an inscription on textiles in honor of the birthday or anniversary of a loved one. Moreover, the print can be the most diverse.

Buying T-shirts with original prints at Latostadora is cool!

Putting Labels On Mugs

There are several printing methods on ceramic products, but Latostadora uses sublimation:

  • first, the dishes are prepared for drawing the image;
  • the printer is set to a mode in which ink is continuously supplied and a special system is used filled with a sublimation palette of colors;
  • after that, the heat press is heated, temperature and time parameters are set;
  • images are processed on a computer, then printed and fixed to the surface of the cup;
  • due to the pressure of the press, the pattern is transferred to the dishes and the photo is printed on the cup. It is important to use professional paper and equipment here.

The technology provides rich color and fully conveys the clarity and volume of the photo. The only nuance that you need to pay attention to is that you can make a souvenir only on special white cups.

T-Shirt Printing By Latostadora

The original print on the T-shirt is:

  • effectiveness in advertising and promotion of goods;
  • democratic price;
  • creative solution;
  • a varied rich color palette;
  • long service life of the product;
  • memorable gift.

Who Needs A Service

Application on T-shirts is used:

  • as a great gift for a dear person;
  • as souvenirs during thematic events;
  • as a souvenir for tourists;
  • to promote the brand, when the company logo is applied;
  • as part of the institution’s image.

Order this service in the Latostadora online store and you will always stand out among those around you!