Solid wood furniture is already a serious approach to the interior, and if you want it to not only serve reliably, but also have an appropriate look, then a wooden set is just what you need!

Furniture made of hard and medium-hard woods means reliability and durability. Of course, here another of the main points is, directly, a competent headset design. It is very clear you need to understand what style of furniture suits you. Whether it will be “Loft”, “Country”, “Modern Classic”, as in the film “Gentlemen” by Guy Ritchie, it all depends on the design project that was developed for your interior. It is worth noting that solid wood sets are the most respectable furniture today. But most importantly, with the right processing of wood, such furniture will last for decades, if not centuries. It is always possible to sand the countertop in the kitchen, if it is scratched, and cover it with oil-wax. At the same time, other analogues made of plastic may collapse over time.

When choosing, it is very important that our designer take into account not only the location where the headset will stand, but also calculate the functionality and ergonomics.

If this is furniture for a living room, bedroom, library, then you need to get into the colour scheme and style of the interior very accurately so that nothing gets out of the general concept.

For example, you wanted to have an Art Deco kitchen, like in the film The Great Gatsby, then you just need a countertop made of natural stone – granite or marble – this is the hallmark of the Roaring 20s kitchens. X”. The only thing to keep in mind is that the texture of marble is more porous, so it can quickly become stained from various contaminants. It is best to use granite. Marble is great for flooring.

In general, the Prohibition era is very interesting from the point of view of the culture of design and home improvement. Then the Americans had a lot of money that they could spend on various excesses. Moreover, in each family, even then, there were several cars. And if you take into account the earnings of bars and restaurants, which were covered by the Italian and Irish mafia, then you can imagine the level of income of the middle class, which was employed in the service sector.

But there are other styles as well. If “Art Deco” is an anthem of pathos, then “Modern Classics” is the restraint and conservatism that we inherited from Victorian England. A distinctive feature is rigour and refined aristocracy. There are no ornate patterns and lightness of the Renaissance, everything is clearly understood here. When creating such a headset, preference is given to medium-hard, hard and super-hard types of wood.

Of course, it all depends on your taste and preferences, but one thing remains the same: good furniture is wood furniture!