Banknotes, credit cards, business cards, driver’s licenses and subscriptions – all these are our daily companions. They should be easily accessible and preferably organized. For these purposes, we buy wallets, purses and wallets. Fortunately, the choice is huge both in terms of design and price preferences.

And if, like many, it seems that the difference between the mentioned accessories is only in the name, then this is not so. After reading the review from the Aspinal online store, you will understand all the intricacies of choosing a wallet and purse.

So, you have decided to thoroughly approach the choice of a wallet / purse / wallet? Excellent! Here is a professional guide from the Aspinal store on the way to a successful, competent purchase. Go!

How to start choosing an accessory? Yes, in order to decide what exactly we will choose – a purse or a wallet? A purse is an exclusively male attribute; a wallet is an accessory for both women and men, but in terms of functionality it is similar to women’s. It is distinguished by a more rigorous design, clean lines, and the absence of decorative elements. It is flat, horizontal or vertical type. At the same time, with several compartments for banknotes and cards. Often with a hidden zip pocket.

The purse is smaller than a wallet, and folds in half or three times. There is no clasp, or there is a clip on the button. Men’s accessories in the form of wallets and wallets can be ordered from the Aspinal online store.

A women’s wallet is a real expanse for design ideas. The ladies’ version is always large and horizontal. It comes with multiple compartments inside and a button or zip closure. As a rule, along the entire side. All models of interest can be purchased in the Aspinal online store.

It is worth noting that today, people call a purse a wallet and vice versa. As usual, or whatever is more convenient. When choosing a wallet / purse, five criteria are guided – these are functionality, workmanship, type of material, appearance and price of the accessory.

The Following Men’s Wallets Are Distinguished By Size:

  • Purse for chest pocket (Breast Wallet). They are also called men’s wallets. Large vertical wallets with several internal compartments for banknotes and plastic cards. In them, banknotes are stored in full size, without bending. They are convenient to carry in a breast pocket, in a compact bag, and just in your hand. For the pocket of trousers or jeans, it is not suitable because of the dimensions. In a breast pocket wallet, as a rule, there is no pocket for small change. But there is a compartment for a driver’s license (modern type, plastic) with a transparent window. You can buy this model of men’s accessory in the Aspinal online store.
  • Bi-fold wallet/purse – Bi-fold wallet. This is the most familiar and most common type of wallet, or rather, a purse. It folds in half and fastens with a button or closes like a book. The men’s bifold wallet has several compartments for bills, which also fold in half. Along with money compartments, there are pockets for plastic cards, and also, often, a compartment for coins. Wallets vary in size. They are great for wearing in the back and front pockets of jeans, trousers, jackets.

It is logical that in a large men’s purse there are more compartments, while a compact wallet has only two or three compartments. If you are going for a walk or a cultural holiday, then a small men’s wallet with several bills and a card is a great option. You can put it in your jeans pocket and feel at ease.

Bi-fold wallet is versatile in terms of wearing with any style of clothing: both casual and sporty and classic. This model can be purchased from the Aspinal online store.

  • Tri-fold wallet/purse. Trifold is the most versatile type of purse. It consists of three folding parts and has a large number of compartments and pockets. In a word – everything will fit. Trifold – small in size, however, it is thicker and more voluminous than Bifold, due to three folded parts. Numerous offices allow you to take with you several plastic cards, credit cards, discount cards, subscriptions, as well as driver’s licenses and banknotes of different currencies. Men’s triple-fold purse, although thicker, fits perfectly in the pockets of jackets, jackets, handbags / purses.

The tri-fold wallet is perfect for travel as you can put almost anything in it. The multifunctionality of the Trifold wallet affects its massiveness, but in size it can sometimes be even narrower than a classic purse. This model can be purchased from the Aspinal online store.

  • Clips for money (Money clip). This, of course, is not a wallet, but a completely usable accessory. Its functionality is simple – to clamp folded bills. In the era of credit cards, money clips are slowly becoming obsolete. This accessory can be purchased from the online store Aspinal.
  • Cardholder (Front pocket wallet). The name speaks for itself: the accessory is used exclusively for plastic cards, although you can put a folded banknote. You can also buy this model of men’s accessory in the Aspinal online store.

In the following articles, we will analyze women’s options for accessories for money and documents. By the way, they can also be found in the Aspinal onlin