Mexico is not only about amazing beaches on the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. But also an ancient, unlike culture. Here there was a symbiosis of Mayan, Aztec, Toltec and Spanish heritage civilizations. Needless to say, if Christian holidays are tightly intertwined with pagan traditions. For example, the famous Day of the Dead. It is celebrated on November 2 and is directly a homage to the goddess of death, Mictlancihuatl. People dress up as the dead. These days, a carnival is arranged, sweets are prepared in the form of skulls and figurines of dressed female skeletons, reminiscent of Katrina, a symbol of carnival and all the fine arts of Mexico. It was created by the famous artist José Guadalupe Posada in 1913. By the way, all the famous galleries and museums of Mexico City can be visited. It is enough to book a trip to Xcaret.

Also, you can see the giant pyramids. Visit amusement parks, visit luxurious palace buildings and high fortress walls.

In short, Mexico is – bright tropical greenery and turquoise waves that lift surfers to heaven. Golden sandy beaches and majestic Catholic cathedrals. Five-star hotels and ancient museums. In this article, we will look at the main attractions of this amazing country. And to book tickets to Mexico, follow the link to the Xcaret website. Well, let’s go!

Cathedral of Mexico City

The main Catholic temple of the Mexican capital was built on the site of a former Aztec sanctuary. It was dedicated to the god of war – Huitzilopochtli. The construction of the cathedral was carried out from the beginning of the 16th to the beginning of the 19th century. Combining the architectural features of baroque, renaissance and neoclassicism, the temple was erected in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, to visit the Mexico City Cathedral, go to the Xcaret website and book your trip.

National Museum of Anthropology

One of the richest museums in Mexico is located in Chapultepec Park (Mexico City). It consists of two large departments – archaeological and ethnographic. The exposition of the museum is represented by exhibits of the pre-Columbian era, which include the famous Aztec calendar – the Stone of the Sun. Also, Mayan treasures and cultural and archaeological finds. They belonged to other ancient Mexican civilizations.

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Chichen Itza

Founded in the 7th century AD the sacred city of one of the Maya tribes – Itza is located one hundred and twenty kilometers from the capital of the Yucatan Peninsula. The architectural richness of the ancient settlement is the nine-step Temple of Kukulkan and two small temples – Warriors and Jaguars. Also, a well-used for sacrifices. A huge ball court and a giant rectangle formed from the ruins of columns. By the way, you can book a trip on the Xcaret website.

Copper Canyon

The main national park of the country got its name because of the moss that grows on the slopes of a one and a half kilometer canyon and casts copper from afar. The bottom of the natural attraction is covered with subtropical forests. Copper Canyon is home to a third of all Mexican animals, including the black bear, the Mexican wolf and the cougar.

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Chapultepec Palace

Founded in 1785, the Chapultepec Palace was used as a government residence for a long time. At one time it housed the military academy and the National Astronomical Observatory. Since 1939, the main exposition of the National Historical Museum has been exhibited in a majestic building built in the neoclassical style. All the sights of Mexico can be visited by booking a trip on the Xcaret website.


Located on the Pacific coast resort and part-time “night capital” of Mexico. She gained worldwide fame in the fifties of the XX century. Modern Acapulco is a city of gently sloping sandy beaches, water attractions, and fishing. Also, the best discos in the country and the constant thirty degrees Celsius in winter and summer. All the most famous resorts in Mexico, as well as its attractions, can be visited. It is enough to book a trip on the Xcaret website.

You can talk and write about Mexico for hours. But it is better not to listen and read, but to see everything for yourself. Therefore, follow the link to the Xcaret website and book a trip. She will be unforgettable!